Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Baby Girls!

Two sweet new baby girls just entered the world in a 24 hour period to special friends of ours!! Both babies came early, so I'm hoping that it's not "catching" and that Tiny will be content staying put for another few weeks... =)

Madelaine Grace - born to our friends, Anthony and Melissa (MI), November 8, 2008,
8 lbs, 1 oz. 20.75 inches

The joint baby shower for Andrea, Wendi and I happened today, but Andrea was absent, because she decided to "jump the gun" and have her baby last night! =)

Chloe Christine - November 9, 2008
6 lbs, 13 oz. 19 inches

After the baby shower (pictures of that tomorrow), we all headed over to the hospital with a "portable mini baby shower" for Andrea and to meet baby Chloe...

Heading in with all our loot! What a sight! =)

We pretty much filled Andrea's room with people when we arrived! She was such a good sport, having all of us there at once!

Me in heaven... there's Nothing like holding a brand new baby!

The proud Mommy

The three of us with our babies (since we didn't really get a chance to get a picture of all three of us pregnant, and Andrea bailed out on us early!) =)


Anonymous said...

Please tell Andrea congratulations from me!! What a beautiful little girl!
Remember when we were at her house in Feb. and her little guy wouldn't leave me alone?!! Wonder what he'll think of his new sister.

Jessica said...

Congratulations to Anthony and Melissa AND Andrea too!! Baby Madelaine was born on our anniversary! Tiny, you better keep cooking for a little while longer although we cannot wait to meet you.

Anonymous said...

So excited to everyone's healthy miracles - congratulations to them all :)
When was Andrea actually due?

ps Wendi and Joia you both look great!

Anonymous said...

tell andrea concgratulations for me too! the baby is so preciouse! not really sure how to spell that!
k :)

Mom E said...

Tell Anthony and Melissa congrats from us when you talk to them. How exciting for them. And congrats to Andrea too. How early were the babies? Love, Mom