Monday, November 17, 2008

Nesting up a storm!

In the last couple days, I've been cleaning like a mad woman... because the thought of the baby coming before the house is ready just doesn't sit well with me. =)

Yesterday, I sat on the floor and spent half an hour or so cleaning the grate on the wall that vents from our furnace. =) Last night I typed up a big list of things I want to get done around the house. Today I made my first dent in that list. Here's what I got done:

Cleaned the fridge
Organized some cupboards in the kitchen
Washed and boiled all of our bottles and nipples
Cleared some stuff off the kitchen counters
Took some things to Goodwill
Cleaned the sliding glass patio doors (and got temporarily locked out by Keenan!) =)
Cleared a bunch of stuff out of the spare room and made up the bed

Hopefully I'll be able to knock a few things out each day and actually get it done soon!


Anonymous said...

you're making me feel that I should 'nest' and I have no hatching egg! Don't work too hard! Love you!

Mom W. said...

Wow, good job Joia, you better not have that baby too soon or I sure won't be there in time... Is Frank home?

Jessica said...

Isn't that an amazing thing God instilled in us when we are super pregnant? ON my due date with Hudson I scooted around on my butt around our entire house and cleaned the baseboards and cabinets. I then climbed up on my counters and cleaned my top cabinets. Probably not a smart move!! :) It felt good though. Love you! Jessica