Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mixed emotions

First, a few words about Frank... He had a port put in today for administering chemo. He will start that in the next couple of days. He is Very sick, and will not likely go home from the hospital before he dies. Please continue to pray for Myrtle as she is exhausted and still unhappy with the decision to go ahead with the chemo.

The wifia lunch was at Wendi's today, and she made an amazing "Taco Ring" for lunch! Doesn't this look delicious??

Soo good...

For dessert I made Cracker Bark, one of my favorite, easy, crunchy desserts:

Keenan with Wendi, very excited at the chance to get to feed Scrubs some treats! =)

This doesn't have anything to do with my day, except that I was Delighted to find new baby pictures on Facebook of baby Madelaine!! They're calling her "Maddy", how cute is that?? Here she is with her awesome parents! What a beautiful little family! =)

Melissa and Maddy

This one I call, "Maddy and Daddy" =)

I hope to see baby Chloe tomorrow, so I'll hopefully have new pictures of her as well! =)


Tara said...

wow, joia. your food always amazes me. but perhaps wendi's amazes me even more currently... taco rolls?! this is real domesticated mommy stuff! :) thanks for so many posts and great pics. i love reading about your life and pregnancy (ies)!

Anonymous said...

hey, maybe wendi could let you borrow her taco ring recipe for you food blog, that looks AMAZING

Mom W. said...

So, hmmm, Wendi does cook after all! It is pretty funny that I haven't made those Cracker Bark things (my recipe calls them Heath Bars) for... years? and Steph called for the recipe the other day and so I decided yesterday!! to make some... wierd! Great minds? Praying for poor Frank.

Mom W. again said...

Hmmm, checked the recipe, same amont of crackers and half the sugar and butter ( mine says to boil them for 3 minutes...) and bake for 15 minutes at 350. (double foil and don't have to butter it) Actually this turns out really well, I wonder why the difference. Did you make my recipe Steph?