Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lots of boys...

Today has been another beautiful fall day!

This morning, Keenan and I picked Philip up from work, and by the time we were home, Keenan was fast asleep. Philip loves it when Keenan is sleeping and he can hold him like this (like when he was small)... =)

Both of my sleepy boys

The wifia lunch was at Sarah's this afternoon. She made some delicious chicken salad, and we also had veggies, fruit and chips, a mostly healthy lunch, except for my chocolate cheesecake.

I thought this was really cute of the four munchkins watching Baby Einstein...

Della's sitting in the back row to keep from getting squashed!

Three Buddies

This afternoon, Keenan and I got to hang out with Isaac again while Wendi went to the fitness class. We took the new stroller out for a spin, and it went really well with two kids in it!

Keenan changed positions about six times during the ride...

That's some cute kid... =)

Keenan was thrilled to get to hold Isaac, but Isaac doesn't seem too excited about it

When we went inside, Keenan decided "baby I-gik" needed some Real toys to play with!


Mom W. said...

What a great picture of Isaac, he is so sweet. My first thought was that Della figured if she stayed back the boys wouldn't fight over her... = ) Nice pics Joia, as always. Luv it.

aunt mary said...

WOW! Isaac is growing so fast and is absolutely adorable. When is Wendy due? Great pix, as always.