Sunday, November 2, 2008

Interesting day

This afternoon, Keenan and I went to lifegroup and had a wonderful meal (chili and baked potatoes - yum!) and some great fellowship. I made truffles and chocolate bark for dessert.

They look fancy-ish, but they're sooo easy!

Philip wasn't with us today, since he has decided to join (or at least check out) a once a month gun club that some of the other resident doctors are part of. I think if he chooses to go, it will be a fun thing for him to get to do with his friends, since he Never goes out without Keenan and I just for fun.

After gun club, all the spouses and kids met up with them at John and Wendi's for pizza. We had a great evening together, and I (as a Canadian from a pretty gun free area) got to hold my first two handguns! =) Keenan watched them clean the guns and learned how to say the word "gun". We're really hoping he doesn't use that at the border next time we cross into Canada when they ask us if we have any firearms on board! =)

I decided to mousse Keenan's hair before we left.. =)

The finished product

Me and the guns

The Gun Club members - Matt, Philip, Kacey, Cliff, Eric and John
Some of them don't own their own guns and they didn't have enough, so Philip substituted...
(Notice he's the only one not pointing his in a safe direction!) =)

With his gun in it's "holster" =)

Tomorrow Philip starts another two weeks of nights... =0/ Not our favorite time, but hopefully these couple of weeks will go as well as his last stretch of nights did.


Mom W. said...

Does that gun match the sippie cup? = ) Cute curls on Keenan!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your blog sounds so....american and southern :)

The truffles looked yummy and very trendy doo on Keenan!

Tara said...

whoa! the guns are scary!!!
i love your halloween pics :)

Erica said...

Hey Joia - just wanted to tell you that a) I love those truffles! and b) Pregnancy looks good on you! When are you due?

Jessica said...

Aww, Matt is in a gun club of sorts too. I am with you though...never held a gun until a couple of years ago and it is still really freaky!
Love, Jessica

Mom E said...

I went to a shooting range one time and loved it. I was scared to death but ended up almost getting a bull's eye on the target practice! Love Philip's gun! lol. Oh, and the curls on Keenan are cute. ;-) Love, Mom

Liz said...

a pregnant lady with guns? look out world.