Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun Purchase

I am happy to announce that we are now the proud owners of a Sit-N-Stand stroller!! We have been wanting to get one since we found out I was pregnant, but were really hoping to not have to buy one new. I've been checking Craigs list periodically, but they sell so fast, they were always gone when I contacted the person.
However, Wendi (awesome friend that she is), saw one that was just listed a couple days ago and sent me the link, and I picked it up this morning for $65! (This includes $20 for a car seat attachment that we're buying from the manufacturer). The cheapest these sell for new is $130, so we got a fantastic deal and it's in great shape! I'm soo excited!!

The new wheels - Keenan loves it!

We can attach the car seat in two different spots
(Okay, Tiny, we're a little more ready for your arrival now!)

This afternoon, Keenan got in one of his "destructo" moods, and totally trashed his toy area...

He looks guilty, doesn't he? =)

Not sure what he's doing here (he had been Standing on it a minute before)

I know I've posted pictures of gas prices several times but...

It's just so exciting!!

As the "least political person I know", this is the first time Ever, I have mentioned anything political on this blog, but here's my thoughts:

As interested as I am about the election results... I will not be waiting up for them tonight, nor will I lose sleep over them. It's not that I don't care, I do, but the way I see it ... no matter which candidate comes out on top, these things are still true:

* Life will go on
* Neither candidate is the "Savior of our Country" and it's problems, nor is either one "The Devil".
* The winner of the election, whoever he is when I wake up in the morning, will still deserve our respect as the President of the United States.
* No matter who wins, he needs our prayers just like the past 43 Presidents before him did!!

The song in this video seems to speak to how I feel, especially the chorus:


Anonymous said...

Great perspective on politics!

Jen said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the election. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What's a sit and stand stroller?

Joia said...


This stroller is cool because a young baby or infant can ride in the car seat, or strapped in the front seat, while an older toddler sits on the back seat, (facing frontwards or backwards) or they can stand on the little platform between the rear wheels.

Mom W. said...

That was my question too, thanks for asking it Rebekah... Couldn't figure out the stand part. So ... did Keenan clean up his trashed area??? = )

Joia said...

Yes, with some help, he cleaned up! =)

aunt mary said...

I LOVE this song. We sing it in our worship service almost every Sunday. BTW, I've seen this stroller being used by someone I know and it is really cool, and the mom really likes it for her toddler son and infant daughter. It's quite convenient.

James said...

Sounds alot like my boys but x3!
Hopefully Natalia will be good at cleaning up their mess and not a messmaker.