Saturday, November 1, 2008

Farm Day '08

One of our favorite family activities of the year came around again today - Farm Day! We went last year for the first time and Loved it, so we recruited a bunch more friends to go this time! I won't got into all the details again, you can click here to read last year's post (and see how much Keenan has changed!) I said in the post that I thought there "was probably over 1,000 people there", it turns out there were about 2,500!

Rob was on call today, but we rode over with Sarah and Della in their van. Matt and Tiff and Erik and Andrea also went, but we didn't connect with them until later in the day, and they had already been there a long time, so we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with them.

Sarah and I and the kiddos having lunch

Cool dude Keenan driving a tractor
(There were about half a dozen tractors there and he Loved them!)

On another one with Daddy

Petting a fuzzy miniature donkey

He was really funny, and if one moved away from him, he would follow it all around the pen until he caught up with it and could pet it again! =0)

These people were part of the Civil War re-enactment

Keenan in a front end loader

A very "country" picture of our foursome =)

Petting a nice horse

Keenan and I on the hay bales

Petting a huge, sweet tempered dog that decided to take a rest near our sitting area

Smooching Della
(I Love this picture)

...and a hug

"Look at this awesome chunk of dirt I found, Mommy!"

"Della, this right here is some high quality dirt..."

"Mom, look what Keenan gave me!"

Me and my boy =)

Keenan and the not so scary scarecrow

Della leading the way
(We know who's the boss in This relationship!)

... and along came William!

This is definitely the Funniest picture of the day... somebody said, "William give Della a kiss!" So, Della kissed Keenan, he kissed her back, and William kissed Keenan! LOL!

...and my favorite picture of the entire day - the best family picture we've had in a while!


Mom W. said...

It is a good picture but tiny is not showing at all - the space bar on here is really acting wierd not sure how this will print out. The pictures were cute and yep, funny.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Joia!! Keenan & Della are so cute together!!!

Mom E said...

Yeah, I'm catching up! All the photos sooo cute...if we lived in the day of arranged marriages, I'd say you might be well on your way! lol. Loved the captions, as always and so I guess for the very last one, you could name that photo (drum roll please.... Our Family Tree! arrr arrr. Love, Mom