Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crummy day for Michigan

Today we went to Rob and Sarah's to watch the Michigan/Ohio State football game. The game was a bummer (which wasn't a huge surprise), but we had a great time visiting anyway!

Sarah made us waffles for brunch and later on we had spinach/artichoke dip as well as some of Sarah's amazing homemade salsa. For dessert we had Oreo cream pie. =)

The kids played really well together, and Keenan even took a 2+ hour nap, so we were able to actually relax and enjoy ourselves for a while without worrying about what he was getting into.

No pictures, I forgot to take the camera.

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Mom E said...

I was away all day in Ocala for a meeting with our new business but I came home to a 7 foot blow up Brutus (OSU's) mascot, on our front porch! boo hiss. It was such a horrible game! But Isaac had fun with Brutus. lol.