Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busy Thursday

Sorry I'm blogging so late, today has been an incredibly busy day!

The morning started off with my doctor's appointment. Everything seems to be good, I am measuring right at 33 weeks, and Dr. G. thinks the baby's head is down. She said after another month, she's okay with me going into labor.. =)

After that, Philip went home to bed, and Keenan and I headed to MOPS. When we got there, I had a "First for this Mommy" experience. Sometimes when I drop Keenan off at the MOPS childcare, he's a little unsure about me leaving, but usually if he has Bunny and his paci, then he can be distracted with toys, or other kids, and I am able to leave without him crying. Today, he was tired, it had been a couple weeks since he'd been there (since he was sick last time), and his buddy, Jonathan wasn't there this time, so he was Not letting me out of his sight and got quite teary. I was having a really hard time with it, because I've never had to leave While he was crying before. There was a super nice woman there who took Keenan and I made her promise to page me if he was still crying in ten minutes. She agreed and I walked out into the hallway... and burst into tears! =( That was THE HARDEST thing I have done in a long time! I went to the bathroom and two minutes later when I walked back by, he was no longer crying, thankfully! Whew! Not fun...

The rest of MOPS was great though, complete with a Thanksgiving meal, and a great speaker who talked about Scrapbooking and gave us some cool free stuff! =)

After MOPS, we stopped in to see Andrea and Chloe.... She is so precious and soooo Tiny!!

Doesn't Andrea look Great??

What a sweet little doll....
Still in preemie clothes =)

Tonight, us girls had "BOMB Club"... Sarah and I decided that, since the guys now have "Gun Club", the term "Book Club" just wasn't spunky enough, so we changed it to B.O.M.B. (Book of the Month Babes) Club! LOL! There were just four of us, but we had a great evening together!

Wendi, Becky, Jodi and I at French Quarter Grill

Since Philip is working nights, Wendi's husband, John agreed to watch Keenan for me - how great is that?? Thanks, John! Keenan slept almost the whole time and went right back to sleep once we were in the car and hasn't woken since...

Here's a couple more sweet baby gifts I got today:

This adorable outfit, rattle, teether and travel pack are from Andrea

Becky (who is also on the "hoping for a girl wagon") gave me this super cute Baby book!

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Jessica said...

1) Andrea looks incredible!
2) How sweet is John?!?!
3) You look great!!
4) I can't wait to meet Tiny.
5) Miss you and love you!