Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boys day out

This afternoon, Philip and Keenan left the house for FOUR hours so I could get some scrapbooking done! Awesome! I got ten pages finished, and am now caught up to the last few weeks (a point where I wouldn't panic if the baby came before I got any more done!)

They ran a bunch of errands, and also played 18 holes of disc golf!! Keenan was Exhausted from all of that and was fast asleep on Philip's shoulder when they finally came in... =)

Sleepy boy...
(No, his socks don't match!)

It was really fun, hearing the play by play of what they did and the funny things Keenan did at each store (for example, when they were in Home Depot, Philip was looking at something on one of the model kitchens, and turned around and Keenan was gone! He then looked down and saw Keenan peeking out from one of the cupboards!) LOL!
My favorite part about the disc golf story was when Philip said, "By the ninth hole, Keenan had collected three sticks, two pinecones and an acorn..." At another point, he had a hard time convincing Keenan to come on to the next hole with him because he was so enthralled with a little field of daisies he found! It sounds like they had a grand old time! =)

Here's a cute picture from last night...

Keenan had just given Philip a piece of apple and then decided he still wanted a bite of it! =)

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Mom E said...

What an adorable picture! I love the look of joy on Philip's face. It's a wonderful thing for a mom to see...her 'boy' with his boy....thanks for taking the time to post these great pics. Love, Mom