Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Shower

Okay, here's the pictures from the baby shower yesterday. (Thank you Wendi for sharing so many of yours!) Jodi hosted it at her house (the third shower she's had there since we've all been together!) Her house looked beautiful, and we had tons of food, since we all brought more than was necessary... =)


Oh ya, the desserts... =)

Jodi got a beautiful bouquet of flowers for each of the new moms!

All the pretty gifts

Wendi and I before opening gifts

Part way through - modeling the huge bows from Tiffany's gifts!

LOL - I love the look on my face
This is the adorable blanket that Tiff made for me! (She made one for all three of us, in different colors!)

Here are the rest of my gifts:

Yes, those are baby girl clothes fromWendi, and no, we don't know what we're having yet! I decided, since we Don't know, people could get us girl stuff if they wanted, as long as they kept the receipt. Aren't they Adorable??
Jodi gave us each an adorable pot (that she painted), as well as gift cards (the pefect gift).
Sarah gave us each the cool bins filled with diapers, wipes and diaper cream (all natural), as well as Chocolate!! (She knows us so well) =)
Brittney gave me a couple gifts that Keenan can play with before the baby is old enough...

These are really cool, snap together, Scented beads!

Keenan LOVES these awesome wooden stacking blocks!

The bellies

A couple more from the hospital...

Our whole crew with Andrea and Chloe

Totally random note: My mom asked in a comment a couple days ago what the movie was that we watched... It was called Freedom Writers and was Excellent!


Jen said...

I love the look on your face admiring your homemade blanket. What an awesome and special gift.

Mom W. said...

Are the blankets crocheted or knitted? Wow, how does Tiffany have time to do stuff like that?? Kind of puts the grandmas to shame, at least this one... (wow 3 of them), I am impressed.

Thanks for mentioning the movie, we just watched "The Great Debaters" and liked it.

Mom W. said...

PS, Today is Remembrance Day in Canada! Lest we forget...

Mom W. said...

OK, I looked closer and can answer my own question about the blanket, it is crocheted. Very nice.

Mom E said...

nice friends, great looking food and such fun gifts. Just wondering if Wendi is having a boy or girl? Or is she waiting to find out also? Love, Mom