Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Christmas Day"

The wedding last night went really well. It was a small, fairly simple, but beautiful and very touching ceremony. The bride and groom were sooo nuts over each other, I'm not sure they really knew the rest of us were even there most of the time! =) It was very cute... We met some really nice people, including some of Philip's old classmates. I have some pictures, but am planning to wait to post them until we're home.

Today has been a fun day. We had lunch with the whole family and we all wrote down on cards several things that we are thankful for, and then put them in a basket and everyone drew one out and read it. We are so blessed. =)

This afternoon we celebrated Christmas! It was soo much fun and even felt like Christmas! We had presents, stockings, and even lights in small tree! We even had hot chocolate after!

The rest of the day we have just been hanging out together and are planning to spend the evening playing some games.

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Joia, we misssssss you guys!!!