Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Well it certainly doesn't feel like fall today! It's sunny and 87 degrees out, with no chance of (much needed) rain in sight.

Last night, we picked up Wendy's for dinner and headed to Turkey Creek boardwalk. It got dark Really fast once we started to walk and we had to hoof it out of there before it closed!

Us and the setting sun

This morning, while Philip caught up on sleep, Keenan helped me make an Apple Dapple cake for our lifegroup gathering this afternoon.

My big helper

We had a nice time of fellowship, food and study with our friends before heading home to get Keenan to bed.

Keenan wanted his Tigger costume Off the bear this morning, and then put the hat on himself =)

Modeling a scrub cap that Philip brought home from work

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Mom E said...

How cute! Another Dr. Dooley on the horizon, eh?