Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still no pictures...

For some reason, my new Picasa account doesn't seem to be working yet. Philip was very busy while he was home and awake today and didn't get a chance to look at it. Hopefully we'll get it sorted out SOON!

We had a great wifia lunch today at Tiffany's house. Her parents are visiting, so it was really nice to meet them (and their two sweet dogs) as well. Tiff and her mom made an Amazing shrimp casserole and a "Tailgate Cake" for dessert. (German chocolate cake with a really moist frosting mixed right in! So good!)

I got some great pictures too, but they'll have to wait...

Keenan is talking more and more all the time. Today I tripped over one of his toys and he looked up at me (sort of sheepishly) and said "OW..." This time I didn't actually hurt myself, but he's seen (and heard) me do it enough times that he knows my usual response! =)

Philip has three nights left and then he's finished OB nights! Woohoo!

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