Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sick, but happy to be together.. =)

Not too much to say today. Philip's call shift was a busy one, with little sleep. Keenan and I did get to go take dinner to him and spend some time with him last night though. Keenan ran laps around the waiting room and took apart (and reassembled) Philip's pen while he ate. =)
All three of us are a little under the weather, with a cough/cold combination (Philip seems to have gotten the worst of it).

Before we went to see Philip, we made some chocolate chip cookies (what better way to cheer up sick people than with fresh cookies, right?) =) I made them pretty big... here's a picture of Keenan with one to give you an idea of the size:

"Yes, Mom, I can handle this cookie on my own!"

He's really funny sometimes about stuff being on his hands. Twice, while he was eating this cookie, he stopped so that I could wipe his hands off because they had gotten quite chocolatey and he was disturbed that they were "dirty". Now Outside is a totally different thing! =)

This afternoon we went out and did some shopping and now we're home for the evening. The weather is beautiful - fall is definitely here, but the temperatures during the day are still quite warm and pleasant.
Keenan is taking a late nap, and we are going to have some hot chicken noodle soup for dinner, followed by big mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows... =)

P.S. Please pray for our neighbor, Frank, (of the famous and adored duo Frank and Myrtle, mentioned many times on this blog), he is having surgery tomorrow morning to have a lump on his side removed that the doctors have confirmed is cancer. Thank you.

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Mom E said...

Please let me know how Frank fared. I know they have been a real blessing to you, Philip and Keenan. I am praying. Love, Mom