Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The rest of our trip in pictures...

These pictures will catch you up on the rest of our three days in Merritt Island..

Before we even left Eglin AFB, Keenan was asleep, holding onto a book!

Pretending to pick his nose... =)

A Giant grasshopper we saw at a gas station on the way!

Jessica wearing Philip's dress blues hat

Uncle Philip hanging out with Hudson when he was sick

Hudson chillin' on the couch beside Philip

The whole Fam! =)

Reagan on Uncle Philip

Keenan in mid air after jumping off Reagan's chair
(he got really brave being around all those other boys!)

One of the highlights on Monday...
(Jessica ran me an Amazing bath with herbs and essential oils etc...)
While I soaked by candlelight, I read a magazine, sipped a cool drink and ate Dove chocolates!

Mom thought it would be fun if we did some crafts this time with the grandkids... she was right!

Here's a cute fall craft, using Keenan's handprint for the tree and his finger tips for the leaves

We also did some baked salt dough stuff...

My Christmas cut out

Glass ornament with Keenan's handprint on it

...and to finish up, here are two brand new desserts I made while we were there:

Turtle Pumpkin Pie

Recipes have been added to the food blog

Chocolate Cookie Bark


Jessica said...

mmmm...that chocolate bark disappeared! IT was soooo good. We had a blast with you guys. It was great to have you staying with us. You are more than welcome anytime!! Love you, Matt, Jessica, Reagan and Hudson. P.S. Thanks Uncle Phil for being on-call for Hudson when you were on vacation! :) He is forever indebted.

The Woodford's said...

To my all-time favorite sister,

I think that for being visitor # 26,144 I should qualify for a turtle pumpkin pie, yes?


Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Tim, I agree, but I think that requires one of us visiting the other first, don't you think? =)

Mom W. said...

Something is a little confusing about the directions on the chocolate cookie bark...? Looks SO yummy!! and the pie, mmmmmmmm.

This is different than before in the comments isn't it? Hope I get it right...

Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Mom, yes there was a typo with the directions, hopefully it's better now?

denise said...

wow, what a great time! you must be EXHAUSTED after packing all that stuff into one trip. You need to slow down lil-prego missy! I'm glad Jessica ran a nice bath for you, I hope you rested and relaxed and let everyone else do everything for you! (knowing you that is probably a big fat NOT!). :)

Joia said...

Denise, we Did have a really great time, and I did take breaks and just relax and watch TV etc, or take naps while Keenan was napping several times.

denise said...

ok, I'll back off now :) Just looking out for ya!

Liz said...

phillips pj pants (??) sure are...interesting :)

Wegner said...


I made the Chocolate Cookie Bark for a Halloween Party tonight and everyone loved it! Thanks for such a great and EASY idea!