Saturday, October 25, 2008

Out and about with Keenan

Philip is on call today, so Keenan and I have the whole day to ourselves. This morning he and I went out and did some shopping (which he tolerated very well) and then we did some stuff that he found a little more interesting. We picked up lunch and headed to Turkey Creek first...

Fine dining at Turkey Creek

Climbing up to get a better look at the "wa-wa"

Someone told me last year that the water turns this color from all of the fallen leaves in it

Taking off on his own

Funny look

The two of us

Collecting leaves for me =)

Next we went to Florida park to play at the playground...

Sitting on the bridge that takes us over to the park

Running headlong down the other side
(He's actually in midair in this picture!)

...and walking back over the bridge after falling in the stream
(Fortunately we had clean clothes and shoes in the car!)

After that, we decided to just skip the playground park and hang out by the water...

One of my favorites of the day...

Wow, he's actually looking at the camera!

My sweet boy

Flyaway curls

A kiss for Mommy

All that fresh air had him ready for a nap as soon as we got home. I'm hoping to get my scrapbook stuff out (no, I didn't get to it the other day) and actually make a start at getting caught up!

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Rabens Family said...

We were at Florida Park today too. I wish we would have seen you. The girls would have loved playing with Keenan. One of the kids we were there with also fell into the water. You got some great pictures though.