Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Wednesday

This morning Keenan and I painted some pumpkins... Mine's not done yet, but here's his:

Here he is all ready to go...

He did a lovely job of mixing the three colors

He soon decided it was more fun to paint on the cardboard. =)

He also helped me make icing for a birthday cake for MOPS. He seems to especially like to help with projects that have sweet things he can taste! =)

Ya Icing!!

The wifia lunch today consisted of only Andrea and I, but we still had a great time. She made some Amazing crab salad sandwiches and we gabbed for three hours! Keenan had a great time playing with Jonathan's toys, and getting a tour of Jonathan's new "big boy" Cars room. =)

Riding Jonathan's cool Winnie the Pooh airplane

This evening, we're babysitting Isaac while John and Wendi are out with their care group. He is such an easy, fun little boy to watch!

I decided to take some pumpkin pictures of Isaac...

Wow, this is a BIG pumpkin!



The two boys sharing a moment

Keenan being silly

Bottle time!

Isaac showing off his skills!


The Woodford's said...

What sweet boys! I love the pic's - and love you all too!! =)

Anonymous said...

awww..Isaac is getting so big. He is adorable! Love, Jessica

Flakymn said...

Dear Aunt Joia,

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me last night so my parents could go out and party. I love staying at your house and hanging out with Keenan! Mommy also loves the pictures you take! You are very cool,

Baby Isaac

Mom W. said...

Great pictures but then you had great subjects, speaking of those good lookin' little boys. Good painter too!! (biased grandma :)

Mom E said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, that photographer, "what's her name" that does all that cool photography of babies, has nothing on you! I really did forget her name! so sweet. I agree w/ your mom's comments too, as admittedly, I am also a biased gr'ma. lol.

Anonymous said...

That would be Anne Geddes?