Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun fall day

It's been a gorgeous, warm fall day today. It's supposed to get chilly again tomorrow though, so we'll have to dress Keenan warmly for trick or treating.

He finally got back to speech therapy today, after missing several weeks because he was sick. His therapist said he had changed and grown up so much since she'd seen him and she was really impressed with all of his new words. =)

After speech we did some shopping and I got something for the new baby... =)
We are planning to take a trip up to Canada in February or March and the baby will need something warm and snuggly to wear. Instead of buying a snowsuit, I found this cute bunny costume (for $8!) that I think will do just fine. It's a 3-6 month (up to 16 lbs) size, so hopefully it will still fit our 2 month old! =)

I love the ears and feet! =)

After a stop at Sonic, we came home and played outside for a while...

"Look at the wafwos (flowers) I picked!"

Smelling a flower

"I brought you some weafs!"

I think he is looking more grown up, especially with his new shoes we just got him and the "big boy" pants from Grandma..

Here's a video of him eating popcorn (and how things got a little out of hand at the end...)


Jodi said...

Loved watching you two throw popcorn back and forth! How funny!

Jessica said...

You have a great laugh, Joia!

Mom W. said...

Cute video, cute boy... I guess that answers my question about something warm for the baby...

Mom E said...

fun video. glad you kept the camera rolling. whoa! looks like those pants won't fit him for long, eh?