Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fun and Laughter

Today was a fun, busy day.

I made a birthday cake for MOPS today, since we try to celebrate every one's birthday when it comes around. There was just one for this week, Jenn (who's name I accidentally misspelled on the cake, but she was very forgiving). =)

Jenn and her cake

We had a great meeting with good food, good topics and Lots of laughs!

This evening we had "book" club and had a great turnout at Giuseppe's Wharf! Most of us opted to get an appetizer and dessert. I got the spinach and artichoke cream cheese dip with chips, which was fantastic!

Jodi, Wendi, Tiff, Me, Becky and Andrea

Here are the three amazing desserts we split between the six of us:

Key Lime Pie, Ice Cream Sandwich (with three different dipping sauces) and Death by Chocolate

I just noticed today that Keenan can jump! He's pretty proud of this new skill, check it out:

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