Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Party

We had a Great time at the Halloween party at Sarah and Rob's last night!

There aren't a lot of costume ideas to make a pregnant belly look cute, so I just used my "pumpkin belly" idea from earlier and made it into a shirt!

In case you can't read it in the first picture...

Here's what I made to take tonight. A popcorn cake!

Very sticky, chewy, crunchy and yummy!

Here's baby Tigger (Isaac), the youngest one at the party

Some of the scrumptious food

Sarah did a great job with decorations

The Ramages

Pumpkin Belly and "Wing Nut"

Sarah and Della

Buzz Light Year (Jonathan), Fairy Princess (Della), Cowboy (William), Pumpkin (Keenan) and Tigger (Isaac)

Good Buddies

John and Wendi
Their costumes are "Upper and Lower G.I." LOL!

Tiff and Jodi

Erik, Jonathan and Andrea (pregnant Dalmation)

Sir Topham Hatt (Rob, the candy man)

Sarah, Della and Rob

Heading out to go trick or treating

This one isn't very clear (I was a Canadian for the trick or treating part) =)
Keenan was exhausted and hungry and turned into a rotten pumpkin pretty quickly so we took him back to the house and got him some dinner and laid him down

Cliff and Jodi

Sarah made cute little favor boxes for the kids, and a Halloween scrapbook for each couple!

The pregos again

Philip and I with our pieces for the plastic skeleton
(He had the rib cage and I had the pelvis)

A cute picture of the Kits

All the adults
(Notice how all the guys have beers... and my husband has a sippy cup?) =0)

What's with all those doctors in the back row...


Mom W. said...

Yeah, I noticed that, but what's IN the sippy cup? = )

Mom E said...

The costumes were so funny! I loved what you did with the pumpkin for your costume. And Philip being a wing-nut was hysterical. Also noticed the sippy cup. Keenan and Isaac were adorable! Didn't understand why you got parts to the skeleton though. Oh, and LOVED the upper and lower G.I. toooo funny!
Love, Mom