Thursday, October 2, 2008

Catch up on pictures...finally!!

Okay, I'm finally back in the picture posting business - woohoo!!

Here are pictures from Tuesday until today...

A couple from speech therapy on Tuesday:

Keenan loves Barbara and he Loves bubbles!!

He was so cute, trying to catch them all...

I love the way he is looking up at her, totally focused

"Yay, I got one!"

Tuesday afternoon, Jodi and I threw together a bit of a (belated) birthday surprise for Kacey (one of the second year residents). We had missed her birthday on Sunday, so we decided that it was better celebrated late than never! Jodi bought some great stuff for a "goody bag", as well as some cute decorations and I made cupcakes and a little sign and then went and decorated her desk at work.

Since Philip and Keenan were both sleeping when I needed to make the cupcakes, I moved the mixer to the farthest corner of the house to minimize the noise... Keenan's play area! =)

The goodies Jodi got =)

The cupcakes

Her decorated desk
(Sorry it was late, Kacey!)

These are from the wifia lunch on Wednesday:

This is the first ever picture we've gotten with all five kids in it! And they're all looking!
(Hard to believe there will be three more in the next couple months!)

The Three Stooges

A fairly rare picture of all six of us at the same time

Riding William's horse

Wednesday afternoon, I got to watch Isaac again while Wendi went to work out...
After hanging out in the bouncy seat for a bit while I finished cooking, I changed his diaper and he just seemed squirmy and not super happy... So, (being pretty sure he was tired), I snuggled him and started to pat his bottom. He looked up at me sort of like, "I'm not so sure I'm that tired..." I looked at him, looked at the clock (which said 3:18) and said, "Pal, I've done this a few times, and you're not going to make it to 3:25 awake." He didn't make it to 2:20! =0)

Ha, ha, I win!

Sweet boy with his soft lovey

He was right... he wasn't even tired...

This is the only picture I took today... Keenan with the pumpkins at the commissary this evening:

He was concentrating too hard on holding the pumpkin up to smile =)

Funny note on his speech progress: If I ask him to say "cup", he calls it a "but"! Makes me laugh every time! =)


Flakymn said...


It was like being short on air waiting for you to post something with PHOTOS! Yikes!!!

Love the pics of Isaac! What a sweetie (I mean you, not him!) Well, him too.

Okay, I'm tired. Going to bed.

Anonymous said...

mental note...have Keenan say "cup" when you guys come for your visit. lol....and Wow! I hadn't read the blog in a couple of days and I LOL reading the frantic description of how you used up all your photo space. btw, I use Picasa too, so shouldn't U B able 2 upload photos to your blog when U visit here now?
Love, Mom E.