Monday, October 13, 2008

Carving Pumpkins on Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian readers! =)

Philip is working the holiday today, and we aren't really doing too much "Thanksgivingy", but I did call home (to my family's Thanksgiving get together) and talked for an hour and a half to various members of my family! That always helps me feel a little more "connected" to what's going on in Ontario on this day. =)

Keenan and I carved pumpkins this morning for something fun to do. (Okay, I did all the actual carving and Keenan watched and played in the pumpkin guts when they came out) =)

Keenan with our biggest pumpkin prior to any cutting

Pulling the top off (he seemed quite surprised and disturbed initially that it was so "ucky" inside!)

"Eww..." he learned to say today

A pumpkin lid makes a great hat!

After playing in here for a while, he was ready to have it Off his hands!

Here are the finished pumpkins:

This one was an idea I saw in a magazine... carve a small pumpkin, make holes all over it, rub the inside with cinnamon, add a tea light, and when you light it, it will smell like pumpkin pie!

A good pumpkin care idea I recently found out about: After you scoop out your pumpkin, dip it in water and bleach (10 to 1 mixture). This will kill the bacteria and help preserve your pumpkin longer.


Anonymous said...

I love the maple leaf pumpkin! You are just as missed as missing. Does that make sense? We all missed you and are really looking forward to seeing you whenever we can work that in!
It was nice talking to you on the phone, although if too many other people move away we'll have to just skip the rest of Thanksgiving and keep the phones busy!
We love you and were definitely thinking about you.
Love Rebekah

The Woodford's said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Joia, Philip, Keenan and Tiny! Somehow I missed talking to you on the phone today, Joia. Either you weren't at the family gathering, or I wasn't! (or...maybe both!) =( I love your pumpkins - they are great! There are no pumpkins around here except plastic ones. Hope you had a great day - enjoy the turkey on Wednesday!! =) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh the leaf one is gorgeous. I love the other idea too. Might just have to do that while you guys are here. Can't wait by the way!!! Oh, and happy Thanksgiving! Love you, Jessica

Mom W. said...

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to you again Joia and the pumpkins are really cool. It was a warm sunny day so the hike was warm and beautiful. Missed you...

Does the pumpkin really smell like pumpkin pie??? OXO, Mom

Mom E said...

The maple leaf pumpkin is awesome! Guess we'll have to add that into our craft day.... lol. Can't wait to see you all. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Great looking pumpkins and I have the same question as your mom - if it really does smell like pie that'd be the healthiest pie time ever :)
Anyway enjoy your Wednesday 'giving time - I wish I were there!

aunt mary said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you. Your carved pumpkins are adorable, so original & much nicer than the "typical carved faces" I usually see around here. You are very creative. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures.

Joia said...

Thank you to everyone for your thanksgiving wishes and pumpkin compliments.. =)

Mom (and Laura), no, the little pumpkin doesn't actually smell like pie, just cinnamon... =)

Anonymous said...

Is there anything you're not good at, Joia? Seriously, I could never carve a pumpkin with a silly face, never mind Maple leaves!! You're just way too crafty!
And I agree with Keenan on the "Ewww" part of the innards! They feel gross! But the end result is beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving, Dooley's!!

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to say happy thanksgiving im a little late lol but just got home. and your pumpkin carving is very creative! awesome job! they look amazing! take care

Liz said...

i love keenan's 'uniform' of diaper and mardis gras beads.