Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Fall is here, and I think I have officially become a Floridian. It's cold! Keenan and I went for a walk this afternoon (I was wearing jeans and long sleeves), and I had to cut our walk short because I was too cold! My family would mock me so badly... (As I'm writing this, Philip just said, "Hey, do you think it's time to put our flannel sheets on the bed?) It's not just me, folks. =)

Hot chocolate has already become a nightly ritual in our house and socks (and even slippers sometimes) have replaced my always bare feet. It's 50 degrees out right now and is supposed to get into the mid 30's and frost overnight.

I sound like I'm complaining, but I'm really not. Once I get used to the change from "sweating to sweatering", I Love the cooler weather here! We're going to the fair tomorrow, then we have a Halloween party to go to on Friday, Farm Day on Saturday, and Thanksgiving is coming... lots of fun stuff comes with the cold weather! (Then the Christmas Parade...) Well, I won't get ahead of myself, but I Do really like the cold weather, I just have no idea what to wear these days!

Here's a picture of my boys goofing around this evening.

Yes, Philip is in his pajamas, and yes, they have monkeys on them

Keenan's hair seems to be straightening out a bit as it gets longer and I fear I will soon have to have it cut.. =0/

However, when it's wet after his bath, it's still crazy curly!

Couple random notes:

* Update on Frank's surgery - it went well, but they found another spot that is also cancer (they didn't operate on this one, they are planning to treat it with chemo). He is home now, and will start chemo soon. He is mostly bothered by the fact that he will lose his hair (he still has a full head of it at 80!) Pray that he won't get too sick from the chemo and that it doesn't take long to get all of the cancer.

* I tried posting some funny pictures earlier today and no one could view them, so here's a link to them.

* Gas is now $2.44 in our area.

* There was apparently a bear in our neighbors back yard a couple days ago.

* I did get a free (very yummy, soft) taco at "The Bell" today!

* Oh, that "keeping your pumpkin fresh" tip I shared a while ago, about dipping it in bleach water after you carve it to keep it from rotting so fast?? Totally didn't work, mine caved and molded in five days! Sorry... I was misinformed. That was just my big one though... all the small ones that I painted and varnished are still doing fine.

* Is anyone else having problems with blogger uploading your pictures in reverse order? So annoying...

I think that's it... goodnight.


denise said...

lol on the pumpkin thing. We did ours Saturday and I looked back on your blog for the tip 'cause I remembered I wanted to try it! ours are looking pretty bad right now, but it could be the combination of either the bleach water, the way we cut it, or how cold it has been at night. who knows! the boys had fun doing them anyways :) You can't know EVER good tip:) BTW, you put a bow on Tiny's pumpkin halloween outfit - hmmm, girl? lol.

Joia said...

LOL, We have no idea... the bow was actually strategically placed to cover my belly button! =)

The Woodford's said...

Haha! Last night I asked Tim if he thought you were having a girl or a boy (we have 3 other family and friends who have All had boys this last week, and know of several others who are expecting boys!), and Tim said, "It's a girl, Joia put a bow on her!!" =)

Mom E said...

wow, that is one of the BEST photos of Philip with Keenan I've ever seen. The joy captured on Philip's face with Keenan on his back is priceless. Love, Mom