Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Bird

This is my first "solo" turkey cooking experience!

My fears that it wouldn't thaw in time were put to rest when I unwrapped it and found that it was, in fact not still frozen yesterday afternoon - yay! With over 24 pounds of it to cook, I was a little nervous about everything, wondering how early I should start cooking it, and decided to put it in the oven at 5 am. It was Amazing to get out of bed to the smell of roasting turkey this morning!

That's some big bird

The two turkeys =)
(Yes, Mom(s), I washed his hands after he touched it!)

All spiced up and ready to go...

Roasty toasty out of the oven!

Yay, it turned out!

Keenan did a great job of carving it up =)

Now on to the next new thing... sweet potato biscuits!


Curious Mom w.. said...

Were there giblets in there and did they stay in... in the neck cavity like I did once and cooked them in the paper they were in...? =) It looks great Joia, nice golden color, did you cook it uncovered?? What were the spices???

Joia said...

Mom, there were giblets inside, but I took them out (cooked them and used the juice in the gravy).

I cooked the turkey uncovered for several hours, and then when it was browned enough, I covered it loosely with foil for the rest of the time.

I basted it with oil and then just added salt, sage and thyme to it before cooking it.

Anonymous said...

wow my turkeys would be jealous - they never get treated that nicely...it looks amazing!!!

Liz. said...

ever heard/read stuart maclean's 'dave cooks the turkey' story/stories?? they are hilarious!