Monday, October 27, 2008

Belly fun

There isn't a whole lot you can Do with a large, round, pregnant belly... so why not paint it?

Dressing up the baby for the season... =)

I took pictures of Keenan and I together, but he was wearing his Halloween costume, so I'll wait on those pictures until Friday.


Jen said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! Love it!

Andrew said...

Joia I didn't think that there was anything you could do that would surprise me, but I think I was wrong. This is really a tatto isn't it but you are just breaking it to us slowly. I wonder what it will look like after tiny comes out?

Bruce Woodford said...

Hey Joia, with only 67 days to go, be sure to take good care of our "little Pumpkin"!!!
Lots of love,

Jessica said...

That is beyond adorable. You amaze me. :) Love, Jessica

Mom W. said...

Oh my, Philip where did you get her????

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....that's a stick on decoration, isn't it???
How could you possibly paint that so perfectly from your vantage point??
But it is neat!!

Joia said...

Nope, Cheryl, it really is painted on... I drew a circle first, using a bowl as a guide, and then looked in the mirror to paint the pumpkin on. =)

Anonymous said...

you're so clever!!!