Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back home (for a good long while)

We are back home now and relieved to not have any big travel plans for quite some time...

The trip home went really well. Keenan is doing so well in the car now that he's older and enjoys books and looking out the window a lot more. =)

We had wonderful time with our family, and all the pictures will come over the next couple of days, but today I'll just post the ones from the wedding.

The guys all waiting for the signal to go in...
(l-r) the pastor, Matt (the groom), Philip (best man), Scott and Chris

One pretty shot I got inside the greenhouse before the light got too low for pictures.. =0/

Their beautiful cake

Matt and Sara Brandenburg

Philip and I with the happy couple

Philip and Matt
(best friends since first grade)

Another shot of the guys
(new addition is Josh, on the left, he went to high school with Matt and Philip)

Me with the other groomsmen's wives, Renee and Audrey

Philip and I under a beautiful "trumpet flower" tree (anyone know the name of this?)


Flakymn said...


Mom W. said...

Yes, I think Wendi has it right on, it looks like the same flowers my brugmansia had when it used to flourish (I lost it over one winter - :( Good job Wendi!

Nice wedding! Where was Keenan?

Joia said...


Keenan was with Matt and Jessica (it wouldn't have gone well having him along at an evening wedding) =)

Wendi, I'm going to venture a guess that JB helped you with the brugsmansia answer? =)