Wednesday, October 29, 2008

At the Fair with Friends

This was our first fair as a family, and also the first fair Philip and I have ever been to together! John, Wendi and Isaac, and Erik, Andrea and Jonathan joined us for the evening and we had a lot of fun! (Wendi's blog just reminded me that I should mention it was Military Appreciation night, so we all got in for FREE!)

My pictures aren't the best quality because of the lighting, but they give you an idea of how our evening went. A couple of them were donated from Wendi, thank you!

It did get pretty cold, but we were prepared and everyone was dressed pretty warmly, so we had a good time anyway. We (especially John), were disappointed that they didn't have any 4H type animals, but they did have a lot of birds and rabbits, and also a few more 'exotic' animals, including this monkey...

Pretty random, huh?

Group shot
(Notice how the guys, including the three little ones, all look pretty bored?) =)

A fun shot of all the bright lights

Go Michigan!
(Philip got some ribbing from several Ohio State fans while we were there)

I love this one...

Ready to board the Ferris Wheel!

Keenan and I
(When we first got on and went up, while others were still getting on, Keenan said, "Out, off", but he soon decided he actually liked it =)

A view from the top

Self shot of the three of us

The boys

Checking out the view

The three pregos

Keenan and I caught the tail end of the "circus" while Philip was getting our funnel cake. I think this was the first time Keenan had ever seen elephants.

Yay for deep fried food!

The three of us with our funnel cake.. Sooo good!


A random picture of me and one of my latest "baby shirts"


Mom E said...

Looks like a great time! I loved going to the Michigan State Fair w/ my dad when I was a little girl. I love this cold weather too! 45 deg. this a.m. Love, Mom

Mom W. said...

What do they put in a funnel cake Joia? Is that apples in there?? Just curious, never heard of a funnel cake before...

Joia said...

Mom, a funnel cake is made by them drizzling a donut type batter and then deep frying it. They then top it with powdered sugar and your choice of fruit, we had apples. I need to figure out how to make them myself!

Mom E said...

p.s. LOVE the 24/7 t-shirt. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

At their "Field Days" (fairs in Vermont) they have maple cream funnel very good.

Joan---Bri's mom