Friday, September 5, 2008

Yes, he has a doll

I bought Keenan a doll yesterday. I know a lot of you will be shocked and some think that dolls are strictly "girl toys" and that boys who play with them will be sissies... I beg to differ. I have four brothers, who each (at least three of them), at some point in their childhood, had their own (boy) doll. (I'm sure they all Love me for mentioning this on my blog!) My point is... they have all grown up to be very "manly men" (and they all LOVE babies today!)

Keenan loves playing with the dolls at speech therapy and (for the most part) is very sweet and gentle with them. I figured, if he had his own, it would be good practice for when the baby comes, and also give him something to do with his "own baby" when Mommy is busy with our little baby.

I found a cheap one ($3) yesterday, the only one that looked sort of "boyish". It wasn't the cutest of the bunch by any means, but I didn't think Keenan would care. The best part? It wrang up at 1 penny! Yay! I'd pay a penny for an ugly doll any day! =)

Keenan's baby

Giving the baby it's bottle
(Okay, so the bottle ends up in his eye as often as it does the mouth, but hey... we're practicing, right?)

Patting the baby

Giving the baby a kiss

I think he's going to be a Great big brother! =)


Mom W. said...

Reminds me so much of Rob with Matthew John, curly hair too... I think the doll was a great idea Joia!

Mom again said...

PS Wow, I thought at first I had the wrong blog... = )

Anonymous said...

Not only do I think it'll be good practice for when the baby comes I think it's good to have an 'ugly' doll too. He may not notice it but I think sometimes kids dont get taught to enjoy people of all shapes sizes and appearances maybe it can be the beginning of learning that :)
(I know a little deep for a toy doll - it just reminds me of the field I'm getting into and how mean kids can be when someone looks so different - it's been a long school day :)

Aunt Heather said...

You mean he's not breastfeeding the doll?! :)

Anonymous said...

That is precious. I love the new color scheme too BTW. AND, that was Hudson's blankie...awww! so sweet. :) Love, Jessica

Mom W. said...

Who was anonymous, was that Rebekah?

Joia said...

Nope, I think that was Laura

Anonymous said...

yeah it was me:)

Mom E said...

I think the doll idea is great, especially with a new little sibling coming on the scene.