Monday, September 1, 2008

We're home...ZZZZ

We had a Great last couple days and were so glad to get to spend so much time with so much family! We'll be back down there in six weeks for another wedding.

Our last night with the fam ended with a really fun game of spoons. I actually just got in on the last few rounds of it, but, boy, was it a crazy game! There was yelling, grabbing, biting, shoving, kicking... all over a spoon! I won't say who did what, but it wasn't pretty. =)

Last night was a rough night for the three of us. Keenan wasn't feeling well (coughing and congested) and we were all sharing a room, so we were awake a lot. Keenan and I ended up sleeping in the living room for part of the night so Philip could get enough rest to drive us home safely today!

After a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, fruit and cinnamon rolls, we hit the road. The drive went well, but Keenan was definitely fed up with being in the car and was soo ready to be home!

Here are a few pictures from our first day:

Proof that we actually Did end up at the same rest stop as John and Wendi! =)

Keenan playing with Scrubs and Wendi
(before narrowly avoiding a fall face first into a huge ant hill!!)

Eating our lunch at DQ before buying a blizzard and hitting the road again

Keenan and cousin Reagan sharing (not happily) the cool chair

Isn't this precious?
Reagan (3.5) Keenan (1.5) and Hudson (.75) watching Grandpa cut the grass


Anonymous said...

.75 that is hilarious!!! What is with my son grilling the camera?? lol! miss you and love you, Jessica

denise said...

it's funny that I am not the only one that got a kick out of the .75! You are too funny.

Anonymous said...

I just read this and even before I saw the other comments I lol at the .75. Please send me the photo of the boys watching Jeff mow the lawn! Sooo precious. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

P.S. I wanted to clarify that all the wrestling over the spoons and biting etc. during the game of spoons was all done in fun and totally hysterical, just in case someone who has never played that game thinks we are all violent and horrible people! lol. If there are any Dooley's reading this blog, let me just say that we pale in comparison to you guys especially Mary and Gr'ma Dooley! roflol. I will remain, anonymous! lol lol lol.