Monday, September 22, 2008

Three State Parks in two days

Here goes a picture marathon from our weekend...

Like I said yesterday, our camping trip was a lot of fun! We went with Erik and Andrea (Erik is one of Philip's fellow second years and Andrea is also part of the wifia), and their 2 1/2 year old, Jonathan. Keenan and Jonathan had a Ton of fun together! Keenan was quite taken with Jonathan who is older and "everything He does is cool" in Keenan's eyes. =) Several times they tried hiking off into the woods on their own! =) Keenan got his fair share of scrapes, bruises, cuts and bumps during this trip and all his adventures!

Another couple, John and Becky went as well, with their sweet dog, Annie. John also works in the Family Medicine Residency at Eglin. They are a fantastic couple and it was really nice to have them along and be able to get to know them better!

On our way to the campground, we had Subway for lunch at Ponce De Leon Springs State Park.

The spring swimming area
None of us swam, but it was pretty cold water!

Our whole group
Keenan, Becky, John, Erik, Jonathan, Andrea and Philip

We camped at Falling Waters State Park and had the Only two "tent only" campsites in the whole campground! We had lots of room for the three tents and were able to spread ourselves out a bit so the kids wouldn't be bothered by other noise when they were trying to sleep.

We just recently pulled this little wheelbarrow out of our storage under the house (left by the former owner) and Keenan loves it! He pushed it all around the campsite with Jonathan's monkey in it. =)

After we all got settled, we went for a walk/hike to see the waterfall and the massive sink holes.

You can't really tell from these pictures, but these holes were big and some of them were 100 feet or more deep! Craziness...

I was really glad Keenan was in his stroller at this point, because there was a little too much space between the railings on the boardwalk for my comfort!

Philip was such a trooper and made the stroller do things it had never done before!

The three of us on the boardwalk

Most of us by the waterfall
It's really tall, but didn't have much water flowing at this time of year

The three girls

John and Becky

Erik, Andrea and Jonathan

Keenan giving Daddy a kiss

After seeing the waterfall and sinkholes, we took a bit of a hike through the woods to look at the beach area and took the trail all the way back to our campsite.

The boys holding hands =)
(Keenan would have let Jonathan lead him Anywhere!)

"Now, Keenan, you just stick with me and I'll teach you a thing or two..."

Keenan being a big boy and pushing the stroller
(at one point, he was pushing it around at the campsite, and it started down an incline, and he didn't let go (or fall), he just hung on for dear life, with this look of sheer panic on his face as he raced down the hill faster and faster! It was sooo funny!

Not entirely reassuring...

After walking for a while, both boys were ready for a ride

Thankfully, Keenan was actually tuckered out enough that I was able to get him down for an afternoon nap in the tent.

What a sweet boy...

John and Erik getting dinner ready

Jonathan was a huge "help" with Keenan =)
(here he's giving him a chip)

Having dinner

In the evening, all the guys went for a bike ride and us girls got to visit for a bit...

Philip with his two little passengers

That night we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows. We let Keenan stay up way past his bedtime so that the combination of all the fresh air and walking, hiking, biking, and climbing would have worn him out enough to sleep all night... and it worked! He slept the whole night and just ended up in our bed for about an hour in the morning.

Here he is being silly after he woke up
(The picture looks a lot darker than it actually was at 6:30)

Here's a couple gross pictures...

This huge banana spider actually had it's nest over our food table!
John threw the cicada up there for him to eat (which he did!)

This is five spider egg sacs that Erik found on his bike
(and moved to a nearby bush before we took the bike home!)
I don't even want to Think about how many hundreds or thousands of spiders those would turn into! Yuck!!

This was at one of our neighboring cute is that???

On our way out of the park on Sunday, we saw two baby dear!
I was only able to get a picture of one of them, and it was crying for it's mom! =0/

Before heading home, we (along with Erik and Andrea), decided to check out Florida Caverns State park as well. We had a picnic lunch and the boys played on the playground before we headed into the caves for a 45 minute guided tour with about 20 others. We were about 40 feet underground at some points.

Keenan and I

Heading down into the caves

Keenan and I inside

Some really cool formations

Andrea, Erik and Jonathan

This picture is actually upside down because it makes the stalagmites look like sky scrapers and tall buildings in a city!

Philip and I and a Very tired Keenan

This one was called The Cathedral

Touching the ONE column in the whole place that we were allowed to!
(It actually felt pretty gross)

Here's some video from inside...

In other news:

It's the first day of fall! Woohoo! I LOVE fall and can't wait for the cooler weather and fun harvest activities!

We have an appointment for my ultrasound with Maternal Fetal Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. Thankfully Jodi is watching Keenan while we are gone, so we won't have to worry about keeping him entertained while we're there. We would appreciate prayer regarding this visit and the results. Philip starts two weeks of nights tonight, and will get a maximum of four hours of sleep before we leave tomorrow but fortunately, won't have to work tomorrow night.


reitefamily said...

Those pics are too cute!! We are so glad we could go camping with you guys. It was a ton and fun and we will have to do it again.
We will also definitely be praying for you guys and your appt. tomorrow.


Bruce said...

Thanks so much for all the pics of you and your friends. A lot of folks here are praying for you, Philip and "Tiny" and all that you may learn tomorrow. Our God reigns!

Dad W

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post and hearing about your camping trip. We will definitely be praying that you will learn what you need to know tomorrow and that you will rest in perfect peace knowing God will never give you more than he'll equip you to handle. I love having you as a neighbor and count it an honor that you'd stop by to ask me to pray (and let Keenan play). Love, Laura

Tara said...

great pics, esp of the kids!!! i'm so glad everything went well w/ the ultrasound!!