Monday, September 8, 2008

Starting the week off together

Philip finished up his 24 hour call shift this morning and then slept for a couple of hours, and then we actually got to spend the better part of a week day together! Not a super trade for not seeing him at all yesterday, but still a nice novelty.. =)

Since he was home, I decided to take an extra fitness class this week, while he watched Keenan. Not my best idea ever - it was video taped Again!! At least this time we were doing different stuff and didn't feel (quite so) stupid this time. =)

Here's a few pictures from our day:

Keenan showing off his blue tongue (from a freezie)
(Yes, I got my hair cut... not a great picture of it though)

He's actually not sleeping here, but it was very sweet... =)

This afternoon, Philip took Keenan out to play in his pool/sprinkler and we took the bubble wand out as well. Keenan loves bubbles and wanted to learn how to do it too.

He just had a regular diaper on under his bathing suit - look how huge it is! =)

I love Philip's expression here

Bubble blowing lesson

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Mom E said...

I too loved Philip's expression; one of pure love and pride, eh?