Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shutters, Beans and Cars =)

Today we had our hurricane shutters installed. It only took the two guys about three hours to do all the windows (15, I think), and they'll come back tomorrow to do the doors. It was Incredibly loud with all the drilling and banging, but somehow (miraculously), Keenan slept most the time! I have no idea how!

Here's some pictures of the shutters. I'm pretty pleased with them. They don't look too bad, they let in all the light, and we can see out of them really well too.

Looking outside

My sleeping cherub on the way home from running errands

I decided to make Cheesy Bean Enchiladas for dinner tonight since they're super easy and aren't too fattening... Salsa is my new best friend, it's delicious, you can use it in Tons of stuff and it has almost no calories!! =)

As much as anyone likes refried beans (and I'm a pretty big fan myself), is there Anyone that doesn't think they look Totally gross when you dump them out of the can and they retain the Exact same shape??
Not cool...

When I peeled my onion to chop up, I noticed that it was...

A Siamese twin onion!
(the smaller twin was exactly the amount that I needed for my recipe) =)

Ready to eat

I bought a mattress for Keenan's bed today (yesterday was just a makeshift one I had put together). He very proudly showed it to Philip when he got home from work... who had to try it out! =)

Daddy and Keenan in the bed


Living in Florida, I get to see a lot of nice cars on a daily basis, including lots of my favorite, the Corvette. I don't often see Ferrari's though, so I decided to take a picture when I saw this one, the Testarossa.

I've always thought they were a little strange looking (too low and wide), but after looking at it more, I guess it is a pretty cool looking car. They sold for $181,000 in 1989. In my research, I couldn't determine what year this was, I was leaning towards '84 or '85, but the lack of the "grill" over the taillights threw me off... can you help me out, Rob?


Anonymous said...

I hope that you were stopped at a stop light or something when you took that picture through your mirror lol. If not well you have talent! but yes it is a nice car! and Keenans bed looks great! hope he enjoys its! and yes philip you look cute in it too!
take care all!

Anonymous said...

"Testarossa" Doesn't that sound like something named by a man...and they probably thought only Intended for one!!! LOL
Nice though.

Anonymous said...

Me again. So do those shutters stay over your windows like that all the time, or do they "open up".
Just wondering how you clean your windows with them on?
Just curious.

Joia said...


Some people leave their storm shutters up for the whole hurricane season, but we'll likely take ours down and store them between and just put them up when there's a storm coming.

Mom E said...

Love the shutters. Sure beats the sheets of plywood we use, which of course, makes it quite dark inside when they're up. Although, they do match the house since Jeff painted them with our house color! lol. I agree with Cheryl...I'm sure "Testarossa" was named appropriately after the male hormone...LOL.
Love, Mom

Joia said...

Actually the name Testarossa didn't have anything to do with testosterone... quite the opposite according to Wikipedia:

The Testarossa name, which means "red head" in Italian, comes from the red-painted cam covers on the flat-12 engine. Of course, the double entendre with a red-headed woman was intentional; in fact, Ferrari and Pininfarina regularly use descriptive terms related to a female's body when describing the style of their automobiles.

Flakymn said...

Did you need corvettes are only born in Bowling Green, KY? Where I went to college?!

Joia said...

Wendi, I did know that. We visited the National Corvette Museum on our way down here when we moved last year! We would have done the plant tour, but Keenan wasn't allowed. =0/