Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Pics and Puppy Love

Some more pics from our trip ...

Keenan, the Guitar Hero

Yummy food!

Dori, Dave, Jeff, Kathleen, Carl, Erik, Debi, Nicole and Phil

New dessert - Oreo ice cream cake (on food blog)

...and the Puppy Visit!!
These adorable lab mix puppies were nine weeks old, and All asking me to take them home! We narrowly escaped without one in tow! =) It did help to get a bit of a "puppy fix" though...

We got to see the remaining seven of the eleven pups in this litter

A video of the puppy craziness that greeted us

One of the puppies snuggling up to Vicky, the owner

This one got so comfy, it fell asleep on her shoulder!

Don't we look like we were meant to be together??

Keenan liked the puppies, one at a time

Sooo much fun!

What a cutie...

"You want to take this one home, don't you Keenan?"

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Tara said...

that oreo dessert looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good and the puppies are darling! glad you had fun @ the wedding.