Friday, September 26, 2008

One week of nights down

I don't know if it was because Philip had a night off in the middle or what, but this first week of nights (for Me) has gone by quickly and easily (much better than ones in the past!) Yay for that! Philip delivered his 40th baby this morning at 12:01!!

Tomorrow (and Sunday) we get to celebrate our anniversary and Keenan has his first ever sleep over! Should be a fun time for all of us... if I don't miss him too much. =0/

This afternoon, I had Bible study at my friend Laura's house. The kids all played in the backyard, in the sand and dirt and with the hose = LOTS of dirt = A very happy Keenan! =) He was thrilled to be allowed to get as dirty as he liked (even though it sort of made my skin crawl just watching him!) =) I was so bummed I forgot my camera!

We just bought him a really cool kitchen/BBQ set up and a sand/water table second hand from some very generous friends. We've hidden them downstairs and are going to attempt to wait until Christmas to give them to him. =) I'm so excited!

I washed some of our new baby stuff today - I'd forgotten how nice baby detergent smells... sigh... =) I'm hoping to switch Keenan's stuff out of his dresser to the other one soon and put all the baby stuff in the one he was using so it's all ready.

This is the only picture I've taken today...

Us being silly with the Play Doh

Oh wait, I just decided to take this one...

26 weeks today

I think this is funny... the morph of Joia from 12.5 to 26 weeks =)


Anonymous said...

I think you look thinner body wise in this latest pic but with a more 'out there' baby bump...scientific observation I'm sure :)

Anonymous said...

Getting ready for Rudolph w/ your little red noses. Love the baby bump photos too. Love, Mom E.

Anonymous said...

You are the only pregnant person I know who gets thinner as she goes! I love your haircut too. You look great! Love, Jessica