Thursday, September 25, 2008

Latish anniversary post

Today has been a pretty fun anniversary, despite the fact that I was gone for most of the day and Philip was sleeping. =) When he came home this morning, I made him breakfast and we exchanged gifts before Keenan and I headed off to MOPS and speech therapy.

I got him a Michigan Wolverines football (and Starburst jelly beans) and he gave me a really sweet book (and a fun nail buffing kit). The book has a cute illustration and different "I love my wife because..." saying on each page. The best part is that he filled the whole inside cover with writing, and he even wrote a personal note on almost every page throughout the book! =) (He did most of this in the middle of the night last night while he was at work! I think it's adorable that other people saw him with this book). =)

After MOPS, Keenan and I stopped at Sonic, and I got this coupon with my order... what a great anniversary present - a FREE java chiller!! Woohoo!

When we got home, Philip was still sleeping, so I played "dress up" with Keenan in his room to keep him quiet. I bought this set of BDU's a year ago, and they are still way to big for Keenan (size 4), but I think they're Adorable! I now present Captain Keenan Dooley...

Daddy's little Wingman

Not a bad salute for an 18 month old!

We had to complete the outfit with Philip's boots

"Wow, these boots are big!!"

Next we played with play dough. A great tip I heard at MOPS today was to put a vinyl table cloth down on the floor and let your kid play with the play dough on there, and then when you're done, you can just shake the table cloth off and not worry about it being stuck all over your table, chairs, the floor, etc.... great idea! I also got some name brand Play Doh today, instead of the cheap stuff I had, and it's much better (not nearly so sticky).

He stuck his fingers into it a lot more this time

...and pulled it into lots of little pieces =)
(He also learned how to grab one piece and then stick them all back onto each other though too!)

Here he's pretending the play doh container is a "at"

Update on his speech progress....

I asked his therapist today how she thought he was doing and she said excellent. She gave me a sheet with a long list of about 125 words on it. I was supposed to put a check mark beside words that he understands and then circle the ones that he uses. He understands the majority of the words and uses about 25 of them on a regular basis. We're getting there! =)


Anonymous said...

Too too cute! Keenan in the BDUs is adorable. Before I went to school, Mark was catching up on your blog, and he LOVED the pictures of Keenan. He was particularly impressed with the salute picture. I told him to comment, but it doesn't look like he did... Anyway, I think I'll have to print off that picture and put it up on my niece/nephew wall.
Love you,

Mom W. said...

Very cute, yeah, the salute is pretty cool... Come on Mark, Joia loves to hear from her brothers...

Steph said...

Adorable pic's, Joia!! Hope you had a great day yesterday!
Love ya!

Joia said...

Ya, Mark, Mom's right! =)

crazystegmamaof3 said...

Hey Joia!
Praise the Lord about your good news regarding "Tiny" and your fluid levels. I've been praying for you, but haven't had a chance to check blogs in a week or so (been a little busy with a "tiny" of our own :)). But, I was so thankful to read the good news. God is so good and I'll keep praying for that sweet new baby to be born healthy in the coming months! And Happy Anniversary, by the way! Keenan is as adorable as ever! Blessings to you from IN :)
Love, Kelly (Wendi's friend :))

Mom E said...

Yah Mark! Where are you? c'mon! comment already. lol.

The BDU and salute photos are just adorable. I am glad you got your card from us and that you had a great anniversary! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I HAVE to say how much I love the Keenan in camo pics - I was making loud 'awwwwws' from the computer room so Nathan had to come see :)

Anonymous said...

Those BDUs are too cute! I love that you have those moments captured forever. So precious!! Love, Jessica

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