Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's good to have Philip around... =)

Today has been a nice day, with Philip home (and awake) in the middle of a week of nights. =) We are still flying pretty high from our great news yesterday!

He agreed to watch Keenan for me so I could go "free" to the wifia lunch today at Wendi's. It was soo nice to not have to be on the lookout every minute to make sure he wasn't getting into something, and I got to hold Isaac a lot instead! =0) Wendi made some Amazing chicken fajitas and I broke my "no dessert" rule for today because I was in a celebratory mood. =) I decided to buy something instead of baking it (which would require me to have lots of yummy supplies in the house). I picked up an Amazing frozen Turtle Pie (for about a third of the cost of what I calculated it would cost me to make it!)

It tasted even better than it looks...

To my surprise, I found a Bible verse on the back of the box!
(See, it was a sign... there's good people behind this Edwards pie company) =)

Philip also watched Keenan while I went to my fitness class this afternoon (which I Really needed after the pie!) Wendi and I were both able to go today which was fun.

Philip's back to work tonight and Keenan and I have spent the evening baking, playing, and watching a promotional Disney DVD that came in the mail (which Keenan was Totally enthralled with). He just had a jolly time in his bubble bath and is now tucked away in bed. I think I may follow before too long, since we have a pretty busy day tomorrow.

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