Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I love free stuff!

Not much time to blog, so I'll just briefly mention one of the highlights of my day. This morning, Sarah watched Keenan for me for a couple of hours while I went to a Bundles for Babies class on base. It's a free class offered to military personnel and their spouses. A lot of it was about finances, but they also covered parenting tips, ways to comfort a crying baby, showed several videos, and gave us a lot of information about family support programs on base. It was pretty good and mostly interesting, but the best part was the "goody" bag at the end! We got a canvas Air Force bag filled with:

2 crib sheets (the soft jersey knit kind)
2 bibs
2 pairs of booties
3 sleepers
5 onesies
3 burp cloths
1 blanket
A hooded towel and washcloth

All of this stuff was in cute neutral colors and was Gerber brand! How cool is that?? Yup, I was pretty pleased... =)

In other cool news... looks like we're going camping this weekend with some friends! It's the first time we've been camping since Keenan came along, and the first time I've been camping pregnant... I'm sure it'll be a little different than in the past. =) We're only going to be away for a day and a half and just one night, so it'll be a good "starter" trip for our little family. Should be fun!


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Mom W. said...

Wow, I am sure you desperately needed more baby stuff since you had so little... = ) More crib sheets and towels are always handy and the bibs... Nice gift...