Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home from camping

We had a great time camping with our friends and got back home this afternoon. I have a TON of pictures (surprise, surprise), but will wait to post them until tomorrow since it's already getting late.

The weather was Perfect (not too hot during the day, cool enough at night for good sleeping and no rain!) and Keenan slept really well in the tent at night. He has never spent so much time outside, running around, scavenging in the woods and getting dirty in a two day period as he just did on this trip... he was in heaven. =)

Philip and I rated this experience (camping with a child) as an 8 out of 10... not bad, I don't think for our first time. =)

Okay, here's one picture to tide you over until tomorrow...

The three of us at the campfire

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