Monday, September 29, 2008

Growing into a big future big brother...

Keenan had a doctor's appointment this morning. Since Philip didn't have to go in to work until this afternoon, he got to come with us! I think it was a pretty strange experience for him to be sitting in the waiting room at his place of work! =)

Keenan is healthy and growing! He now weighs about 29.5 pounds and is 34.75 inches tall!

Here are a few pictures of him playing this afternoon. We bought him this little car the other day at the same time as we got the kitchen etc... He loves it!

Still learning to drive

Big smile for Mommy

"Hmmm... it would appear that I'm stuck!"

Concentrating very hard while playing with a skateboard type toy we were given the other day


Anonymous said...

I love the tongue that comes with concentration! Hudson just discovered he had a tongue and thinks it's pretty fun!! Love, Jessica

Anonymous said...

LOL. Isaac does the tongue thing too when he's concentrating. too funny!
Love, Mom E.