Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun afternoon with "old" and new friends

Philip is on call today, so it was nice that Keenan and I had plans this afternoon. The home group that we were meeting with at the beginning of the year (we all took the summer off), started up again today. Today was a fun, "meet and greet", BBQ and pool party. Most were the same people from last year, but there was a new, young Air Force couple with two young kids and a baby due two weeks after ours!

Keenan being cool this morning

The gathering was at the Clark's house, just a few blocks from here. We had never been there before and when I went out in the backyards, I was like, Wow! They have the backyard every kid wants! A pool, play house, zip line, swing set, teeter totter...

Pretty fun

...and then it got even COOLER - they own their own blow up water slide!
(I was especially excited about this, since Keenan could play in there, and not in the pool, because this girl certainly isn't getting into a bathing suit these days!) =)

Kids in the pool

I thought this looked kind of cool

Keenan loved playing with the sprayer

Taking a break

At the bottom of the small slide

Keenan was too small to climb up the big slide, but he sure loved climbing up and sliding down the smaller one!

Giving Isaac a hug and kiss
(after this, he held Isaac's hand up in the air so he could give him a five!)

Climbing out

After playing so hard, Keenan ate a Huge lunch!
His favorite part was the hotdogs and potato chips, of course

Everybody getting lunch

Most of the adults

The kids tables

Chillin' in the Princess chair.. =)
So ready to go home and take a nap!

After an afternoon at home (and naps for both of us), we are getting ready to head over to the hospital and take Philip dinner...hopefully he has time to be with us for a few minutes.


Mom W. said...

Wow, Great pictures Joia, and great fun...

Aunt Heather said...

Hey, no prego bathing suit? You gotta get one!

Mom E said...

Okay, so can we go to those people's house next time we visit? lol!