Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family Medicine Residency Pool Party

The biggest event of the day was a pool party with a lot of people that Philip works with at the hospital. It was at a beautiful clubhouse, with tons of people, tons of food, and it was really fun! I met quite a few new people and got to hang with some of my regular "peeps" too.

Shot of the huge, gorgeous pool

Philip and Keenan spent quite a while in the pool... Keenan loved the pool noodles!

A really pretty arbor sitting area beside the pool

Deanna (one of the chief residents) and I with the Speakman twins
I have Katie and Deanna has Emily

Keenan chowing on some ultra healthy dinner
(he has some grapes a piece of apple and a carrot!)

Me and my man
(Thanks for the shirt, Denise!)

...and with our little man

Keenan and Della sharing a tender moment on the couch in the clubhouse

Jodi, Sarah and I


Anonymous said...

That shirt looks so wonderful on you! Denise sent me a link so I could see it and I thought it looked cute, but it looks super cute on you. :) Love you, Jessica

denise said...

The pool is amazing! Glad the shirt worked. Preggo Mommy's all need something new :) Love you guys!