Saturday, September 27, 2008

Date with Keenan

Keenan and I spent several hours out on a "date" today, so the house could be quiet for Philip to catch up on sleep. First we went grocery shopping (not the most "datey" activity ever), and then stopped and picked up some bubbly for Philip and I. For lunch we went to Wendy's. That boy can sure down some chicken nuggets, fries, and his share of a Frosty! =)

Another one of his silly "at" ideas =)

At Wendy's
(not my best view)

Funny look

After lunch, we headed to the park for a while since it is such a Gorgeous day...and he had some more energy to burn off before nap time.

Ready to push off
(This was the only slide out of the three that wasn't too "ot" from the sun)

I love this one, he was playing peek a boo around the post

There's a cute bridge at the park that I decided to take some pictures on...

He looks so mischievous here!

He's not a bad date at all... =)

Tonight he's spending the evening with Jodi, sleeping over there and then spending part of the day with her so Philip and I can have a break and SLEEP IN in the morning! Woohoo! We have reservations at Big City Bistro for their amazing Sunday brunch. =)

For just one night and half a day, here's the list of things I'm packing for him:

Diaper cream
Bubble bath
Bath towel
Non-slip bath mat
Humidifier (for noise)
Bathing suit
Swim diapers
Booster chair
Play dough

All for one little boy for a one night sleepover! =)


Anonymous said...

lol. wheelbarrow? Have fun and enjoy sleeping in. Love, Mom E.

Anonymous said...

...yeah, what else is she going to fit all that stuff in?

Joia said...

LOL... the wheelbarrow is just a small plastic one that Keenan loves to play with and push around, but "anonymous" made a good point... a wheelbarrow Would have come in handy when we were lugging all that stuff into Jodi's house! =)