Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Changes in the Dooley house

I am already gearing up for our new baby joining our family. Today Keenan and I made some changes in his room - which will be "the kid's" room when the baby comes.

We've had a toddler bed for a while, but it's just been in storage because he's not ready for it yet. Today I decided to move it into his room. That way, he can get used to it being there, and will hopefully be open to the idea of moving to it from his crib when we decide to do that. Also, I figured that would help it not seem like "the baby kicked him out of his bed", if he's already made the transition before the new little one arrives on the scene. We're hoping to have both kids in one room so that we don't lose our guest room. We'll see how that goes. Fortunately, Keenan's room is plenty big to fit both the crib and his bed and two dressers. Here's how things look now...

I moved the rocking chair and table in front of the window...

..and in their place went Keenan's "big boy" bed and dresser.

The whole time I was getting the bed ready and made up, he seemed really excited about it, and when I finished, he climbed up, lay down and motioned for me to turn the light off! I hadn't intended for him to sleep in it yet, but thought I'd see if he'd take his morning nap in it.... I closed the door, leaving just a crack to peek through and watched him. He got out of bed twice, and I put him back in, and then he just lay there, rolling around, checking it out, playing with his bunny's ears, and then he rolled onto his tummy and went to sleep!

I just Had to tiptoe in and take a picture of this momentous event! =)

This afternoon, I had Bible study and it was at the Clark's house (aka the family with "the coolest backyard"). The water slide was up and running again and Keenan played and splashed for over an hour with the other kids.

It was pretty full today, so he could almost "swim" in it!

He can say "Hi" now, so he kept popping up and waving and saying Hi!!

On the teeter totter with Joseph
(he was quite proud of himself for getting on here by himself)

Riding it solo


Flakymn said...

WOW! In the bed already. I am impressed! :)

crazystegmamaof3 said...

Hi Joia!
This is Kelly (Wendi's "old" friend :)). I just saw your sweet comment on my blog and wanted to let you know that I faithfully read your blog as well :) I feel like I almost know you since I read about your sweet family every week. Keenan reminds me of Dylan so much even down to the big boy bed! I am impressed you have him in it are way more on the ball than we were! Looks like he likes it as much as our boy does! So cute! I enjoy keeping up on your growing family and can't wait to see pics of your new baby in the coming months! Oh...and of my best friends has that little boy urinal for her son! It might just get passed down to us/Dylan :) Isn't that hilarious!? Hang in there and take care of that old friend of mine, Wendi!

Gr'ma E. said...

Keenan, I'm so proud of you for sleeping in your big boy bed! Congratulations on one of many "big boy" first steps. I love and miss you, Gr'ma E.