Saturday, September 6, 2008

Case Lot Sale #3

Philip and I braved the masses once again to take advantage of the Commissary Case Lot Sale. They do it twice a year, and there are always some Great deals! We waited in line longer than we ever have before, but I think it was worth it for all the money we saved!

Sarah was a lifesaver, and came over with Della to watch Keenan while we went (we would have all lost our minds, if he had to be in the cart for the three hours that we were there!) Thanks, Sarah!

The length of the line when we first got in it (and it got longer after!)
The door at the far end is the entrance to the warehouse

Philip with (most of) our stuff
We hardly got it all in the car!

Eight boxes of diapers

This afternoon, while Philip cut the grass, I got Keenan's sprinkler and pool out in the driveway for him to play in. He seemed much more interested in watching Philip and drawing on every surface he could reach with his chalk though. =)

Looking rather guilty about drawing on the wall (and eating the blue one)

Watching Daddy

I'm 23 weeks along now, and am finding myself much more anxious/excited to be at the end already this time around. It's not because I feel so huge or uncomfortable or I'm sick of being pregnant or anything, I'm just Really excited to meet our baby and find out who he/she is, and to get to use all our tiny baby things again! =0)
On the other hand, I do treasure this time with Keenan, since these are the last few months he'll be our "one and only" and then things will forever be different.
We did an ultrasound last night, but were unable to get any real clear profile pictures. (Philip had a great shot, but then had to chase Keenan down, since he had opened the door and started down the hall!)

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Brittny said...

Holy cow that's a lot of diapers!!!! I went to the commissary to do some grocery shopping Friday and thought everyone was either crazy (b/c had babies in tow) or very brave to get in that line. It was my first time seeing a case lot sale. You must save a lot of money to wait in line that long. Let me know if it's worth it and I might try it next time.