Friday, September 12, 2008

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I bought Keenan his first potty yesterday! =) We decided to get one to have around, so that he can get used to it, and whenever he decides he wants to sit on it and give it a try, we'll see how it goes!
Here he is on it this morning:

He'll love this picture when he's grown up... =)

While "researching" various potties online, I came across this! The Peter Potty Flushing Toddler Urinal...

Seriously... is this for real???
(Who really owns one of these?)

Nice Guy

We noticed yesterday that gas stations everywhere were Packed with people filling up, and we had no idea why. Then we heard on the radio that gas prices are expected to go up 90 cents, due to Hurricane "YIkes", and the possibility that gas trucks will be unable to deliver more gas soon. This morning after I dropped Philip off, I stopped at one of the base gas stations to fill up. I got out and was all ready to pump, when I realized they were all out of unleaded gas. I got back in the car and headed towards home. I was most of the way across base, when I noticed this guy pull up beside me and was waving something at me (weird!) I rolled down my window and he shouted, "I have your gas cap!" When I got back in the car, I forgot to put the cap back on and shut the gas flap and this poor guy had been following me for several miles, trying to get my attention so he could give me gas cap back! What a nice guy! =)

Tim Horton's vs. Sonic

I'm a little nervous writing this part, for fear that many of my Canadian readers may boycott my blog after this...
As most of you know, Tim Horton's is an amazing Canadian institution, the hub on which the entire country operates, really. It's a donut/coffee shop that is pretty much everyone's favorite place to go and warm up on a cold winter day or to just hang out with friends and have some good food.
I was instantly addicted when Tim Horton's came out with it's Iced Cappuccinos (Iced Caps), an icey, creamy, not too coffee-ish cup of heaven, and have sorely missed them since moving south.

However, since I moved here, I also discovered Sonic - America's Drive In. Sonic has pretty much every kind of drink in every kind of flavor anyone could ever want. I discovered, not long ago that Sonic has a "Java Chiller" that comes in Caramel, Hazelnut, Mocha, or any combination of the three. It's sort of like a coffee milkshake, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel. I think...just maybe, I like this even better than Tim Horton's Iced Cap. (There, I said it...) This does not mean, in any way, that I am revoking my Canadian citizenship, or that I have turned my back on Tim Horton's. While Sonic is fun, it is only a drive in with no dine in option, and isn't nearly as "cozy", and will Never take the place of Tim Horton's in my heart. =)
(Anyone out there who has also tried both drinks and has an opinion to share?)


Anonymous said...

ME,ME, ME!!!!! I totally agree with you on the ice cap thing - in fact when I came back in May I was sooo sad I hadn't had more - no comparison in my mind - however the new ice cap brownie supreme is one of our favourites.

Anonymous said...

i like both of them...and i totally get what you mean...sonic is very good and i had to cold coffee milk shake thing when i was there and it was so good!

Mom E said...

can't comment on the Sonic vs T. Horton thing since I don't drink iced anything....but did want to ask if the 'potty' pic will be one used in his pre-wedding video (like we did for yours)? LOL. btw, the urinal was hilarious. Never saw one of those before. Love, Mom

denise said...

I saw that urinal when we were researching potty chairs too! Too funny. I saw GREAT review on it, but it was too expensive to get three. I don't how well it would work for mine, but it had great reviews on it! I have been keeping my eye out at garage sales for one, but have not seen it yet.

Aimee said...

Having only spent four hours in Canada, half of which was driving, I can't say I have had the Tim Horton experience.
I am also not a coffee or espresso person.
HOWEVER, Sonic ROCKS!! I love their slushies, especially during "Happy Hour" when they are half price. So I imagine their coffee beverages are good for those of you who enjoy that sort of think. And Sonic is a great way to cool off in the afternoon.
Missing being at my mom's right now cause I could so use a run to Sonic and she has one just up the road from her house. She keeps trying to get me to move down there. Maybe living int he south wouldn't be so bad afterall!

Liz said...

i am not a coffee person at all (if only it actually tasted as good as it smells!) but i have to say that not all of canada is so enamoured of timmy ho's...i live in victoria, bc, a city of some 400 000 people, and i can think of only one tim horton's. there is, however, a starbucks on every corner. i think there is a correlation between coffee shops and politics...we mostly vote liberal here, one little pocket in a sea of conservatives.