Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Keenan and I had a good time with Sarah, Andrea and Jodi at the lunch today. Keenan enjoyed having Della all to himself to play with for the majority of the time, since Jonathan was gone. =)

Jodi watched Keenan this afternoon so I could go to my fitness class. Of all weeks, I wish I had skipped this one! Not only did we spend the entire time doing aerobic type "stepping" stuff that we had never done before (which required a Lot of balance and speed put together), the entire class was video taped!! Some guy was using it for a project he was doing... We have never felt so awkward and stupid before... oh well,hopefully no one I know will Ever see it!

I haven't taken very many pictures today, but here's a video of Keenan from yesterday:

Helping me with the garbage

This is him today, just being silly
(we're not sure how he got the "owie" on his chin)

Here are several more pictures from our trip (from Philip's Mom)

Us at the wedding

With Jessica and Matt

After the wedding, we all had dinner at Jessica's. She had made a big pan of lasagna, and when she was taking it out of the oven, it slipped out of her hand!! Needless to say, it made a Huge mess... all over the inside of the oven (which had fortunately just been cleaned recently, so we were still able to eat almost everything and it was delicious!), the floor, in the oven door, in the drawer underneath, up the cupboards, Inside one of the cupboards... what a waste of good ricotta!

Shortly after the incident

Jessica and I cleaning up

Sandwich smooching Keenan =)

Hudson, Jessica, Keenan and I

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Anonymous said...

DEVESTATING. *Sigh. I am over it though. ;) It certainly is a memory. -Jessica