Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anniversary weekend recap

We spent over 18 hours away from Keenan, and, according to Jodi, he did Great!! I called once last night, and he had gone to bed perfectly, without a fuss (which I was really happy about). I missed him the most when we were going to bed last night, since I still usually go in and check on him. I didn't dare go in his room and see his empty crib, or I would have started to cry! =0/

After we dropped him off, we went to Destin and did a little bit of shopping. Then we stopped by Blockbuster, Subway and Dairy Queen before heading home.

Here's us celebrating with our bubbly and "fancy fare". =)

The movie we watched was Leatherheads, a great, funny football movie, set in the 1920s. For dessert, we had Blizzards. =)

We both had a wonderful night of sleep, and I slept two and a half hours longer than usual! Woohoo! We got ready and then headed to Fort Walton Beach to Big City Bistro for brunch. It was amazing!!

What a nice time together with great food and live music!

After brunch, we stopped at the park to take some pictures...

Kissing under a big tree

On the boardwalk

Not sure which of these two I like better

We picked Keenan up shortly after noon. I think we were happier to see him than he was to see us! =) He seemed happy, but also seemed fine being with Jodi (who's name he can now say!) He made us this cute anniversary card... how thoughtful of him. =)

Many, many, many thanks go out to Jodi for taking such good care of him and allowing us to have such a wonderful time! =0)

When we came home, all three of us had a nap for several hours... good times.


Flakymn said...

Isn't Big City Bistro's brunch awesome!

What a great weekend. I am seriously very impressed and proud of the two of you for planning this, while Philip was on nights, and making your relationship a priority.

Okay, that sounded way too formal for a blog comment. But I mean it!

Jodi said...

Keenan and I had a great time together! He was the PERFECT little kid during his entire stay! I'll send pics shortly. They are not as good as yours, but better than nothing.

Mom W. said...

So nice for you two, good job Jodi, thank you from Keenan's Woodford grands for making P and J's anniversary celebration so memorable.

Mom E said...

And "ditto" Keenan's Woodford grands' comment! Thanks Jodi from Keenan's Eberts' grands for doing for them what we couldn't. U rock!
btw, Joia, I keep forgetting to tell you that I love your haircut! I also liked the color version of the photo best (by/under the tree). Nice blouse too! Handsome husband. (of course, I'm biased!). ;-)
Love, Mom E.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Jodi for being such a sweet friend and a N. FL aunt to Keenan! I know it blessed Phil and Joia beyond words to be able to trust Keenan would be well taken care of!! Love, Aunt Jessica