Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And... more pictures of Keenan...

Keenan and I went over to see Frank and Myrtle this morning. We hadn't seen them in a few days and missed them!

Pointing to where a butterfly had gone

A skink on the woodpile (his body was about seven inches long)

Drinking some iced tea

Riding one of the cool toys they keep for him at their house

I think this one of Myrtle and Keenan is precious

A beautiful Confederate Rose in their garden

So... I Do have more to say and more photos to post, but... to my horror, when I tried to add another bunch of pictures, I got a message that says,
"There were errors during upload... the following images were not uploaded... you have exceeded your total photo upload quota." (This means that I have uploaded the maximum limit that Blogger/Picasa will allow!)
NOOOOOOO!! I know I'm pretty crazy with my pictures, and that I Do post an insane number of them, but... how could this happen to me?? (To his credit, Philip had noticed a message about this sometime ago, and had warned me that this would eventually happen. I had never heard of it happening to anyone else, and despite his warning, didn't really think it would ever happen to me...) I mean, my friend, Wendi, has been blogging for several Years longer than I have, how could I possibly (in 14 months) have posted more pictures than she has in all that time??? Well, upon further investigation (by Philip), we discovered that I had, in fact, posted an entire GB (Gigabyte) worth = approximately 3,100 pictures!!
But... how will I go on? What is my blog without pictures? What does this mean for me? What will become of my blog??
We found out that I had used up my "free picture quota" in Picasa, BUT, if I wanted to pay more (only $20 a year), I could get another 10 GB per year's worth of picture space... I was like, "Let's do it! That way I can post pictures willy nilly and not worry about it!" =)
We did that, but it looks like my new account doesn't activate until tomorrow, so the rest of today's pictures will have to wait...


Anonymous said...

Hey Joia,

It looks like I was following you from blog to blog for a while! Too funny! I'm glad you were first though, because I sometimes worry about being a blog hog. Maybe this shows that I have way too much time on my hands! Or that I miss my family who is scattered all over!
I can empathize with the pictures. Not that I have a blog, but I do love to take pictures! I liked how long it took you to decide to pay to add more pictures:)
Love you,

Anonymous said...

First of all ...
Finally we get to see the picture :) It just made me think of our visit last time.

And about the pictures, that's hilarious! I thought my dad was bad...I definitely don't think your blog would be the same without them:)

Mom W. said...

Do you have too many zeros on that number of pictures or is the comma in the wrong place?? I know you are not a math person but I think this was a typo??? = ) Soooo glad you can still put pictures on, Dad and I depend on them, especially of Keenan... OX

Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Mom, yes, I had an extra zero on there... it's all fixed now - thanks!

Flakymn said...

I wonder how much space I've used. Where did you find that?

Erica said...

Joia, this is stressing me out about using up all of the picture space..I have a feeling I'm going to be in trouble too! Secondly, I do the same thing in the middle of the night with my chapstick.....I love that you are an addict too! And also, can you email me (Wendi has my address) your cheesy bean enchilada recipe? They look AMAZING, and I have been wanting to make some!