Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And... more pictures of Keenan...

Keenan and I went over to see Frank and Myrtle this morning. We hadn't seen them in a few days and missed them!

Pointing to where a butterfly had gone

A skink on the woodpile (his body was about seven inches long)

Drinking some iced tea

Riding one of the cool toys they keep for him at their house

I think this one of Myrtle and Keenan is precious

A beautiful Confederate Rose in their garden

So... I Do have more to say and more photos to post, but... to my horror, when I tried to add another bunch of pictures, I got a message that says,
"There were errors during upload... the following images were not uploaded... you have exceeded your total photo upload quota." (This means that I have uploaded the maximum limit that Blogger/Picasa will allow!)
NOOOOOOO!! I know I'm pretty crazy with my pictures, and that I Do post an insane number of them, but... how could this happen to me?? (To his credit, Philip had noticed a message about this sometime ago, and had warned me that this would eventually happen. I had never heard of it happening to anyone else, and despite his warning, didn't really think it would ever happen to me...) I mean, my friend, Wendi, has been blogging for several Years longer than I have, how could I possibly (in 14 months) have posted more pictures than she has in all that time??? Well, upon further investigation (by Philip), we discovered that I had, in fact, posted an entire GB (Gigabyte) worth = approximately 3,100 pictures!!
But... how will I go on? What is my blog without pictures? What does this mean for me? What will become of my blog??
We found out that I had used up my "free picture quota" in Picasa, BUT, if I wanted to pay more (only $20 a year), I could get another 10 GB per year's worth of picture space... I was like, "Let's do it! That way I can post pictures willy nilly and not worry about it!" =)
We did that, but it looks like my new account doesn't activate until tomorrow, so the rest of today's pictures will have to wait...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Growing into a big future big brother...

Keenan had a doctor's appointment this morning. Since Philip didn't have to go in to work until this afternoon, he got to come with us! I think it was a pretty strange experience for him to be sitting in the waiting room at his place of work! =)

Keenan is healthy and growing! He now weighs about 29.5 pounds and is 34.75 inches tall!

Here are a few pictures of him playing this afternoon. We bought him this little car the other day at the same time as we got the kitchen etc... He loves it!

Still learning to drive

Big smile for Mommy

"Hmmm... it would appear that I'm stuck!"

Concentrating very hard while playing with a skateboard type toy we were given the other day

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun with our boy

This evening we walked to the park so Keenan could play on the playground and Philip and I could play some catch. We didn't play much catch, but Keenan had a great time running around and giggling while Philip chased him, chasing squirrels, and pushing the stroller all over the park. He also showed off his going down the slide skills and was quite impressed with some boys who were playing on the monkey bars.

Daddy helping Keenan do the monkey bars

"That guy is SO cool... one day I'll be able to do that!"

As he was standing here with Philip, watching the boys, at one point he whispered, "Wow..."
(Philip is seeing how much sand was in Keenan's hair at that point) =)

When we got home we had dinner and then Philip and I decided to fold up our huge tarp (yes, it was still out after drying out from our camping trip). Keenan wanted to go under it and thought it made a Great tent, so he pulled both of us under with him. He brought his little Diego chair in and then left Philip and I under there while he made multiple trips in and out, bringing all his cars in. It was very cute. When we finally got around to folding it up, we had him lie down on it and we swung him back and forth, which he thought was so much fun he didn't want to get off so we could roll it up! He's a pretty fun kid, even if I say so myself... =)

Anniversary weekend recap

We spent over 18 hours away from Keenan, and, according to Jodi, he did Great!! I called once last night, and he had gone to bed perfectly, without a fuss (which I was really happy about). I missed him the most when we were going to bed last night, since I still usually go in and check on him. I didn't dare go in his room and see his empty crib, or I would have started to cry! =0/

After we dropped him off, we went to Destin and did a little bit of shopping. Then we stopped by Blockbuster, Subway and Dairy Queen before heading home.

Here's us celebrating with our bubbly and "fancy fare". =)

The movie we watched was Leatherheads, a great, funny football movie, set in the 1920s. For dessert, we had Blizzards. =)

We both had a wonderful night of sleep, and I slept two and a half hours longer than usual! Woohoo! We got ready and then headed to Fort Walton Beach to Big City Bistro for brunch. It was amazing!!

What a nice time together with great food and live music!

After brunch, we stopped at the park to take some pictures...

Kissing under a big tree

On the boardwalk

Not sure which of these two I like better

We picked Keenan up shortly after noon. I think we were happier to see him than he was to see us! =) He seemed happy, but also seemed fine being with Jodi (who's name he can now say!) He made us this cute anniversary card... how thoughtful of him. =)

Many, many, many thanks go out to Jodi for taking such good care of him and allowing us to have such a wonderful time! =0)

When we came home, all three of us had a nap for several hours... good times.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Date with Keenan

Keenan and I spent several hours out on a "date" today, so the house could be quiet for Philip to catch up on sleep. First we went grocery shopping (not the most "datey" activity ever), and then stopped and picked up some bubbly for Philip and I. For lunch we went to Wendy's. That boy can sure down some chicken nuggets, fries, and his share of a Frosty! =)

Another one of his silly "at" ideas =)

At Wendy's
(not my best view)

Funny look

After lunch, we headed to the park for a while since it is such a Gorgeous day...and he had some more energy to burn off before nap time.

Ready to push off
(This was the only slide out of the three that wasn't too "ot" from the sun)

I love this one, he was playing peek a boo around the post

There's a cute bridge at the park that I decided to take some pictures on...

He looks so mischievous here!

He's not a bad date at all... =)

Tonight he's spending the evening with Jodi, sleeping over there and then spending part of the day with her so Philip and I can have a break and SLEEP IN in the morning! Woohoo! We have reservations at Big City Bistro for their amazing Sunday brunch. =)

For just one night and half a day, here's the list of things I'm packing for him:

Diaper cream
Bubble bath
Bath towel
Non-slip bath mat
Humidifier (for noise)
Bathing suit
Swim diapers
Booster chair
Play dough

All for one little boy for a one night sleepover! =)

Friday, September 26, 2008

One week of nights down

I don't know if it was because Philip had a night off in the middle or what, but this first week of nights (for Me) has gone by quickly and easily (much better than ones in the past!) Yay for that! Philip delivered his 40th baby this morning at 12:01!!

Tomorrow (and Sunday) we get to celebrate our anniversary and Keenan has his first ever sleep over! Should be a fun time for all of us... if I don't miss him too much. =0/

This afternoon, I had Bible study at my friend Laura's house. The kids all played in the backyard, in the sand and dirt and with the hose = LOTS of dirt = A very happy Keenan! =) He was thrilled to be allowed to get as dirty as he liked (even though it sort of made my skin crawl just watching him!) =) I was so bummed I forgot my camera!

We just bought him a really cool kitchen/BBQ set up and a sand/water table second hand from some very generous friends. We've hidden them downstairs and are going to attempt to wait until Christmas to give them to him. =) I'm so excited!

I washed some of our new baby stuff today - I'd forgotten how nice baby detergent smells... sigh... =) I'm hoping to switch Keenan's stuff out of his dresser to the other one soon and put all the baby stuff in the one he was using so it's all ready.

This is the only picture I've taken today...

Us being silly with the Play Doh

Oh wait, I just decided to take this one...

26 weeks today

I think this is funny... the morph of Joia from 12.5 to 26 weeks =)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Latish anniversary post

Today has been a pretty fun anniversary, despite the fact that I was gone for most of the day and Philip was sleeping. =) When he came home this morning, I made him breakfast and we exchanged gifts before Keenan and I headed off to MOPS and speech therapy.

I got him a Michigan Wolverines football (and Starburst jelly beans) and he gave me a really sweet book (and a fun nail buffing kit). The book has a cute illustration and different "I love my wife because..." saying on each page. The best part is that he filled the whole inside cover with writing, and he even wrote a personal note on almost every page throughout the book! =) (He did most of this in the middle of the night last night while he was at work! I think it's adorable that other people saw him with this book). =)

After MOPS, Keenan and I stopped at Sonic, and I got this coupon with my order... what a great anniversary present - a FREE java chiller!! Woohoo!

When we got home, Philip was still sleeping, so I played "dress up" with Keenan in his room to keep him quiet. I bought this set of BDU's a year ago, and they are still way to big for Keenan (size 4), but I think they're Adorable! I now present Captain Keenan Dooley...

Daddy's little Wingman

Not a bad salute for an 18 month old!

We had to complete the outfit with Philip's boots

"Wow, these boots are big!!"

Next we played with play dough. A great tip I heard at MOPS today was to put a vinyl table cloth down on the floor and let your kid play with the play dough on there, and then when you're done, you can just shake the table cloth off and not worry about it being stuck all over your table, chairs, the floor, etc.... great idea! I also got some name brand Play Doh today, instead of the cheap stuff I had, and it's much better (not nearly so sticky).

He stuck his fingers into it a lot more this time

...and pulled it into lots of little pieces =)
(He also learned how to grab one piece and then stick them all back onto each other though too!)

Here he's pretending the play doh container is a "at"

Update on his speech progress....

I asked his therapist today how she thought he was doing and she said excellent. She gave me a sheet with a long list of about 125 words on it. I was supposed to put a check mark beside words that he understands and then circle the ones that he uses. He understands the majority of the words and uses about 25 of them on a regular basis. We're getting there! =)

Four Great Years!

Today Philip and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary and our 1,461st day of marriage! =)

Our rings

One of my very favorite pictures of us
(on our honeymoon at the Grand Canyon)

One of our very first pictures (still on our mission trip in Ecuador)
We look like little kids! =)

Philip, thank you for these four amazing years... You are the best friend and husband this girl could ask for and Keenan has the best Daddy in the world. I love you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's good to have Philip around... =)

Today has been a nice day, with Philip home (and awake) in the middle of a week of nights. =) We are still flying pretty high from our great news yesterday!

He agreed to watch Keenan for me so I could go "free" to the wifia lunch today at Wendi's. It was soo nice to not have to be on the lookout every minute to make sure he wasn't getting into something, and I got to hold Isaac a lot instead! =0) Wendi made some Amazing chicken fajitas and I broke my "no dessert" rule for today because I was in a celebratory mood. =) I decided to buy something instead of baking it (which would require me to have lots of yummy supplies in the house). I picked up an Amazing frozen Turtle Pie (for about a third of the cost of what I calculated it would cost me to make it!)

It tasted even better than it looks...

To my surprise, I found a Bible verse on the back of the box!
(See, it was a sign... there's good people behind this Edwards pie company) =)

Philip also watched Keenan while I went to my fitness class this afternoon (which I Really needed after the pie!) Wendi and I were both able to go today which was fun.

Philip's back to work tonight and Keenan and I have spent the evening baking, playing, and watching a promotional Disney DVD that came in the mail (which Keenan was Totally enthralled with). He just had a jolly time in his bubble bath and is now tucked away in bed. I think I may follow before too long, since we have a pretty busy day tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Doctor Said....


Praise God, we are so excited to report that my levels have miraculously come up in the last three days! On Friday, my A.F.I. (Amniotic Fluid Index) was 5.6....Today it was 9.3!!

They also checked everything else... placenta, umbilical cord, kidneys, heart, brain, spine, etc. and he said it's All fine! I don't even need to come back for a routine follow up appointment! God is soo good!

We got to see the baby's arms and legs waving and kicking and saw the little mouth making sucking motions... =)

(Our first) Profile picture of our little munchkin =)

Once again... Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have been lifting us up in prayer over the last few days and hours... Along with the dozen or so emails I had already received this morning, my inbox was jam packed when I got home - you are all such a blessing to us, even though we haven't ever met many of you! =) Things happen when God's people pray!!

Prayers are spreading...

Thanks to the help of many people passing on our prayer request... we now have people praying in all of these (at least these) states!

North Carolina

We are leaving very shortly to go to Pensacola. We will likely post an update this evening - thank you Everyone for praying!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thoughts on Tiny...

With Philip at work tonight, I'm finding myself unable to think of much more than our baby, "Tiny" and tomorrow's appointment...

There are people in at least four different countries and multiple time zones praying for us and Tiny right now, and we cherish those prayers going up on our behalf more than we can express.

We know that our baby is in God's hands... the best and safest place we could ever chose for him/her. We are resting in the fact that He loves our baby even more than we do and that He said, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..." (Jeremiah 1:5) He has plans for this baby, we just don't know what they are yet.

I've been listening to a bunch of songs tonight and these two have especially ministered to me, because it really all comes down to this ... We're His... He's God, and He's got it covered.

Who am I?

You are God

Three State Parks in two days

Here goes a picture marathon from our weekend...

Like I said yesterday, our camping trip was a lot of fun! We went with Erik and Andrea (Erik is one of Philip's fellow second years and Andrea is also part of the wifia), and their 2 1/2 year old, Jonathan. Keenan and Jonathan had a Ton of fun together! Keenan was quite taken with Jonathan who is older and "everything He does is cool" in Keenan's eyes. =) Several times they tried hiking off into the woods on their own! =) Keenan got his fair share of scrapes, bruises, cuts and bumps during this trip and all his adventures!

Another couple, John and Becky went as well, with their sweet dog, Annie. John also works in the Family Medicine Residency at Eglin. They are a fantastic couple and it was really nice to have them along and be able to get to know them better!

On our way to the campground, we had Subway for lunch at Ponce De Leon Springs State Park.

The spring swimming area
None of us swam, but it was pretty cold water!

Our whole group
Keenan, Becky, John, Erik, Jonathan, Andrea and Philip

We camped at Falling Waters State Park and had the Only two "tent only" campsites in the whole campground! We had lots of room for the three tents and were able to spread ourselves out a bit so the kids wouldn't be bothered by other noise when they were trying to sleep.

We just recently pulled this little wheelbarrow out of our storage under the house (left by the former owner) and Keenan loves it! He pushed it all around the campsite with Jonathan's monkey in it. =)

After we all got settled, we went for a walk/hike to see the waterfall and the massive sink holes.

You can't really tell from these pictures, but these holes were big and some of them were 100 feet or more deep! Craziness...

I was really glad Keenan was in his stroller at this point, because there was a little too much space between the railings on the boardwalk for my comfort!

Philip was such a trooper and made the stroller do things it had never done before!

The three of us on the boardwalk

Most of us by the waterfall
It's really tall, but didn't have much water flowing at this time of year

The three girls

John and Becky

Erik, Andrea and Jonathan

Keenan giving Daddy a kiss

After seeing the waterfall and sinkholes, we took a bit of a hike through the woods to look at the beach area and took the trail all the way back to our campsite.

The boys holding hands =)
(Keenan would have let Jonathan lead him Anywhere!)

"Now, Keenan, you just stick with me and I'll teach you a thing or two..."

Keenan being a big boy and pushing the stroller
(at one point, he was pushing it around at the campsite, and it started down an incline, and he didn't let go (or fall), he just hung on for dear life, with this look of sheer panic on his face as he raced down the hill faster and faster! It was sooo funny!

Not entirely reassuring...

After walking for a while, both boys were ready for a ride

Thankfully, Keenan was actually tuckered out enough that I was able to get him down for an afternoon nap in the tent.

What a sweet boy...

John and Erik getting dinner ready

Jonathan was a huge "help" with Keenan =)
(here he's giving him a chip)

Having dinner

In the evening, all the guys went for a bike ride and us girls got to visit for a bit...

Philip with his two little passengers

That night we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows. We let Keenan stay up way past his bedtime so that the combination of all the fresh air and walking, hiking, biking, and climbing would have worn him out enough to sleep all night... and it worked! He slept the whole night and just ended up in our bed for about an hour in the morning.

Here he is being silly after he woke up
(The picture looks a lot darker than it actually was at 6:30)

Here's a couple gross pictures...

This huge banana spider actually had it's nest over our food table!
John threw the cicada up there for him to eat (which he did!)

This is five spider egg sacs that Erik found on his bike
(and moved to a nearby bush before we took the bike home!)
I don't even want to Think about how many hundreds or thousands of spiders those would turn into! Yuck!!

This was at one of our neighboring campsites...how cute is that???

On our way out of the park on Sunday, we saw two baby dear!
I was only able to get a picture of one of them, and it was crying for it's mom! =0/

Before heading home, we (along with Erik and Andrea), decided to check out Florida Caverns State park as well. We had a picnic lunch and the boys played on the playground before we headed into the caves for a 45 minute guided tour with about 20 others. We were about 40 feet underground at some points.

Keenan and I

Heading down into the caves

Keenan and I inside

Some really cool formations

Andrea, Erik and Jonathan

This picture is actually upside down because it makes the stalagmites look like sky scrapers and tall buildings in a city!

Philip and I and a Very tired Keenan

This one was called The Cathedral

Touching the ONE column in the whole place that we were allowed to!
(It actually felt pretty gross)

Here's some video from inside...

In other news:

It's the first day of fall! Woohoo! I LOVE fall and can't wait for the cooler weather and fun harvest activities!

We have an appointment for my ultrasound with Maternal Fetal Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. Thankfully Jodi is watching Keenan while we are gone, so we won't have to worry about keeping him entertained while we're there. We would appreciate prayer regarding this visit and the results. Philip starts two weeks of nights tonight, and will get a maximum of four hours of sleep before we leave tomorrow but fortunately, won't have to work tomorrow night.